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Green Bay Won’t Try Killing WI’s Domestic Partnership Registry. But The New Gov Will

Green Bay City Councilman Shae Sortwell is not going to push forward with a plan to get the Wisconsin city to join a lawsuit brought by Wisconsin Family Action that seeks to undo the state’s domestic partnership registry. That’s a 180-turn from Sortwell’s previous position, where he wanted Green Bay to have a role in challenging the registry as a violation of Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage ban. But don’t get too excited just yet: Governor-elect Scott Walker, on the campaign trail, vowed to kill the registry — and that appears to be the main reason Sortwell decided to drop the issue.

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    ARRUUUGGGHHHH………..What a pathetic sorry ass bunch of absolute scumbags…….

    I wish just one of these scumbags who feel the need to meddle in Gay couples private lives would for once cite a specific definitive instance where Gay people recieving the exact same rights and benefits as straight couples ever had an iota of a negative impact on their lives………….

    Nothing but pure unadulterated bigotry at the only group where these vile reprehensive bigots can still spew their hatefull rhetoric

  • The Milkman

    I wonder if the state will refund the money spent by gay couples to register.

    We Sconnies are in for a long, tough, ugly 4 years.

  • the crustybastard


    You’re interfering with their god-given right to discriminate against you, as their way to demonstrate their abiding Christian love for you, and the First Amendment! and the Bible!!

    Can’t you understand the exquisite psychological torture you cause them, when you pretend to be their legal equal in direct contravention of the Book of Leviticus which requires that they execute you?

    Can’t you just stop persecuting Christians and trying to silence them?

  • Nightwing

    As someone who lives in Green Bay and am in a Domestic Partnership I cant wait to see what Walker and his nut job Lt. Governor try to do to the Registry. I will be pledging as much as I can to Fair Wisconsinto fight them every step of the way.

  • wompman

    What is wrong with these bigots? It is a damn REGISTRY! Not marriage, not even Civil Unions. Just more proof that they are full of shit when they say they are just “protecting” marriage and have nothing against gays. It is all about hate with these jerks.

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