Greg Davis’ Bar Basher Frederick Giunta Is Off To Prison For 5+ Years

Frederick Giunta, the who plead guilty to beating up bartender Greg Davis (pictured) at the gay haunt Julius in NYC, received a 3.5-year jail sentence. The 45-year-old ex-con (and now current con), who robbed and hit a man just prior to going to Julius, admitted to screaming at Davis, “What are you going to do, you fucking nigger. You are a fucking faggot,” when Davis refused to serve him. At his sentencing Giunta told the court, “I have no hatred in my heart.” Well isn’t that darling. And because Giunta was out on parole from a grand larceny conviction for just two weeks, he has to go back to prison and serve that sentence (another two years) before his new sentence kicks in. Bye!