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Gregory and Jonathan’s 2nd Place Crate & Barrel Wedding Finish Is Worth $7,500

Congratulations to Gregory and Jonathan, the gay couple who has come in second (like all gays do) in Crate & Barrel’s $100,000 wedding contest.

They go home not with the $100k dream wedding (that goes to a pair of breeders), but a $7,500 gift card, which isn’t to shabby. But while Gregory and Jonathan actually received the second-highest number of votes from web visitors, the couple with the most votes — Mary and Densey, who received 21,562 nods — got, uh, a $500 card, thanks to the company itself choosing the actual winners among the top finalists.

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  • Cheryl Wright = ZZZ's (John From England)

    W T F ????

  • edgyguy1426

    I’m glad for this cuz that couple that received the most votes was backed by that virulently homophobic cop campaign that was trying to rally their brethren against the gays.

  • Jaroslaw

    What are we saying here? The Gay couple actually won? How many votes did they get total, not just internet?

    While I would have preferred that they won, let’s not forget that just a few years ago Gay couples wouldn’t even be in the competition. It’s still progress.

  • NoYDB

    “They go home not with the $100k dream wedding (that goes to a pair of breeders), but a $7,500 gift card…”

    “Breeders.” That’s what we’re stooping to now? What happened to respecting
    love in all its forms? (Even if the couple we wanted to win didn’t win 1st place.)
    This post labeling that couple “breeders” is every bit as sad and childish as the
    deplorable, vile crap that homophobes spew all over their blogs. Why stoop
    to that level? It’s not necessary and only reflects poorly on Queerty. We fight
    homophobia every day. Why turn around and perpetuate hate-speech based
    on sexual orientation? Seems counter-productive, no?

    $7500 isn’t bad at all, considering how much the average wedding costs.
    While I’m sad that they didn’t win the big prize, what they won is nothing
    to scoff at. Frankly, the best ceremony I’ve ever been to cost less than $5k
    and was nothing short of perfect. It was a profound and beautiful display
    of two people’s love. It’s supposed to be about love, not money.

    Now I know that Queerty doesn’t take kindly to dissent, but I do ask that
    you think before you type. We’re all entitled to our opinions.

  • Tellingthetruth

    Please…let’s tell it like it is here….if these two were really sincere or genuine about standing up for gay rights, being a face for gay marriage, and intolerance for hate crimes, they would take that $7500 and donate it to any number of anti-violence organizations in Boston, DC, or NY. But they won’t. They took a tragic event and used it as a vehicle for shameless self-promotion, furthering no other cause than their own.

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