Gregory Beauchamp Died Over A Mountain Dew Can. His Killer Will Serve 25 Years


Back in 2002 Gregory Beauchamp (pictured) was shot and killed by a man driving by in a car with some pals. That man, Jerry “J-Rock” Jones, who last we heard was already behind bars for another conviction, will now serve a 25-year sentence for being a complete human stain.

Were it not for some other criminals looking to save their own skin, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports, Jones might’ve gone free.

Jones was in the car with three other men that night when they pulled over to the corner of Liberty and Vine streets, a corner Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor David Prem said during the trial was well known as a transvestite hang out. One of the men yelled a gay slur at the men and threw a can of Mountain Dew. Beauchamp responded by picking the can up and throwing it at the car. That’s when Jones shot Beauchamp through the heart and killed him.

Prem called a series of witnesses – with street names like “Butt Nasty” – to win the conviction eight years after the killing. The killing was solved with the help of some members of the Grimmie gang, a notorious group of killers and Avondale drug dealers, who gave authorities information on other crimes – including Beauchamp’s killing – as part of their plea deals.

There are some murderers where, every so often, I feel a shred of humanity and wish they survive their prison terms with some dignity. Jones is not among them. Dead over a Mountain Dew can? See ya.

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  • scott ny'er

    Ok. So for those of you who say you should fight back. This dude did, he threw the can and then got shot and killed. Because sometimes, there are maniacs out there, and not just gay bashers.

    So terrible. I’m glad the perp got 25 yrs.

  • priscilla queen of the jungle

    @scott ny’er:

    Yes, and then there are the gay bashers who are also homicidal maniacs. I just try to avoid all violent or angry conflict. You NEVER know if someone (or their crazy friends) is packing heat.

    The kid was handsome too.

  • priscilla queen of the jungle

    Duh, it would!

    No, in all seriousness, I was just having a stream-of-consciousness moment

  • Cam

    @scott ny’er: said..

    Ok. So for those of you who say you should fight back. This dude did, he threw the can and then got shot and killed.”

    The trouble is, that is similar advice that they used to give women being raped. They said basically just shut your eyes and go with it. Then it turns out that women not fighting back were killed just as often. This was a lousy violent area of town, in the middle of a hooker strip. That violence would have happened to anybody that messed with the group in that car.

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