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  • mikeny

    That’s it gaga attach yourself to anything and everything that’s a mild hit so to keep your star going!

  • Brian

    It could be in New York, or Lady Gaga just had her concert in Oklahoma City on Tuesday night, so Greyson could’ve gotten the hook ups to meet her then.

    But I have no clue where this photo was taken for sure, cuz he went to new york a day or two ago. BUT she didn’t have a performance scheduled in new york during that time. so i don’t know.

    greyson’s from my town, so I think this is all really cool! kinda like a weird 6-degrees-of-seperation kinda thing to lady gaga.

  • Law

    I happen to be a huge Ellen fan and saw the interview with this kid before she gave him a record deal. He is a HUGE fan of Gaga and I think this has more to do with doing something nice for him (and Ellen) than Gaga trying to attach herself to somebody for star power.

  • PG

    @mikeny: Yawn. MikeNY, the Gaga bashing is so old. And I’ll bet you’re one of those Madonna fans that resents Gaga’s success. Of course, we all know Madge never latched onto a brighter star to stay relevant (Britney, Justin, etc.)

  • Jon B

    Wow… It’s nice to see her in a t-shirt and shorts… even if she is still wearing oversized sunglasses and has a shmata around her head.

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