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Grifter George Santos hard-launched his husband in the wildest way possible & the internet is baffled

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Leave it to stunt queen George Santos to use Senator Dianne Feinstein’s death as an opportunity to finally hard launch his husband.

Last night, Feinstein—who had been serving on the U.S. Senate since 1992—passed away in her Washington, D.C. home at the age of 90.

In the wake of the announcement, social media has been flooded with eulogies for the trailblazing politician from her friends and family, supporters, colleagues, and even the Grim Reaper himself.

But Santos—the embattled, scandal-ridden Congressman from New York’s 3rd district—couldn’t let the moment go by without making it about himself, taking to Twitter/X to post, “My husband Matt and I are heart broken by the news of the passing of Senator Feinstein.”

Excuse us. Girl…. husband?

So far as we can tell, this is the first time Santos has ever made direct mention of a husband on the social platform, and folks are baffled why he chose now to bring up this mystery man.

But one thing we do know? It was the gayest possible way to share the news with the world.

As with basically anything the artist formerly known as Kitara Ravache has said or done, this marriage thing is a head-scratcher. Who is this guy exactly? Is he real?

All signs point to it being one Matheus Gerard, a pharmacist who—as far back as November 2020—was referred to as Santos’ “partner.” It’s said that, at the time, the couple lived together in a Queens, NY apartment along with four rescued Golden Retrievers.

According to Brazilian news outlet Folha De São Paulo, the pair had plans to wed in April of ’20, but it was then postponed until the following year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But in a New York Times piece from earlier this year, it’s reported that Santos and Gerard were married back in November 2021 on Long Island. So… a belated Mazel to the happy couple?

Of course, Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Physics does state that, for every action that George Santos makes, there is an equal and opposite reaction contradicting it. (We’re paraphrasing, but you get the point.)

As Twitter user and Entertainment Tonight producer Anthony Dominic clocks, the Congressman actually referenced being a “married gay Republican” back in February ’21, only to call Gerard his “fiancé” in an Instagram caption a few months later. (We believe the fact that Dominic’s post mentions 2022 was a typo.)

In other words, the timeline here is more muddled and inconsistent than the Saw movie franchise.

Because, don’t forget: This isn’t even Santos’ first time tying the knot! As has been reported, the openly gay politician was previously married to a Brazilian woman from 2012-19. It’s been alleged that their union was purely for immigration purposes, but—surprise, surprise—Santos denies it. According to court records, their divorce was finalized before he launched his first congressional campaign.

Naturally, Gay Twitter™ (or, sure, Gay X™—whatever!) is eating it all up. The jokes are flying fast and furious, with many calling the legitimacy of the marriage—and Gerard’s existence—into question. Others are still just trying to wrap their head’s around the fact that this is the first time they’re hearing about the guy.

Scroll down below for some of our favorite reactions to Santos’ big “husband reveal”:

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