Grindr Announces Two Hunky New Models, May Be The Same Person

grindr-model-contestWell, the new Grindr models are here and boy are they hot. Mostly because they look exactly alike.

After 780 submissions and more than 2,500 votes, Matthew Stehlik of Orlando, FL and Eric Angelo of Hollywood, CA have been crowned the winners of the Grindr Model Contest.

Eric (left) is a gogo dancer originally from Texas, but he’s not just all looks; in his free time he enjoys collecting old books and reading science fiction. Brains AND brawn? Now that’s the whole package.

Matthew (right), a Pittsburgh native, is a bartender and has modeled for several years, so basically he had an unfair advantage. But we’re not mad at him. When we looked at the vote early on Matthew was blowing the competition out of the water with 600+ votes while the others had less than 100.

Clearly a lot of voters had a type — all-American, straight-acting, white dudes. But then again, we already knew that.

As part of their winnings, Grindr is flying both winners to Los Angeles for a three-night stay to be pampered, outfitted with a new wardrobe from Kent Denim and Maor Luz, a Grindr photo shoot and a coming out party. Obviously they want these two hunks to look their best before they assume their new positions.

Keep an eye out for Eric and Matthew in the upcoming Grindr ads. We know we will. In the meantime, go stalk them on social media, like us, natch:

Eric — Youtube & Facebook
Matthew — Instagram  & Facebook

Damien Basile is a fashion designer, pop culture enthusiast, social media microlebrity, and lover of college football. When he’s not sleeping he’s awake.