Grindr Announces Two Hunky New Models, May Be The Same Person

grindr-model-contestWell, the new Grindr models are here and boy are they hot. Mostly because they look exactly alike.

After 780 submissions and more than 2,500 votes, Matthew Stehlik of Orlando, FL and Eric Angelo of Hollywood, CA have been crowned the winners of the Grindr Model Contest.

Eric (left) is a gogo dancer originally from Texas, but he’s not just all looks; in his free time he enjoys collecting old books and reading science fiction. Brains AND brawn? Now that’s the whole package.

Matthew (right), a Pittsburgh native, is a bartender and has modeled for several years, so basically he had an unfair advantage. But we’re not mad at him. When we looked at the vote early on Matthew was blowing the competition out of the water with 600+ votes while the others had less than 100.

Clearly a lot of voters had a type — all-American, straight-acting, white dudes. But then again, we already knew that.

As part of their winnings, Grindr is flying both winners to Los Angeles for a three-night stay to be pampered, outfitted with a new wardrobe from Kent Denim and Maor Luz, a Grindr photo shoot and a coming out party. Obviously they want these two hunks to look their best before they assume their new positions.

Keep an eye out for Eric and Matthew in the upcoming Grindr ads. We know we will. In the meantime, go stalk them on social media, like us, natch:

Eric — Youtube & Facebook
Matthew — Instagram  & Facebook

Damien Basile is a fashion designer, pop culture enthusiast, social media microlebrity, and lover of college football. When he’s not sleeping he’s awake.

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  • Dixie Rect

    Guys like this and Instagram crack me up. So many selfies, me me me! Hysterical.

  • erikwm

    I should have entered that.

  • MikeE

    ummm, I’m sorry, but.. was does “straight acting” mean?

    so now Queerty is buying in to the internalized homophobia too?

  • ncman

    how do you know if someone is “straight-acting” from a photo?

  • sportsguy1983

    I am sure their parents must be so proud of them becoming the poster boys for hookup website.

  • tytybaby620

    Could we get some gay models that actually look realistic?…

  • Aaron

    @ncman: It is impossible to know if someone is “straight acting” from a photo. On that note, I’d like to add that it is common for attractive gay males, such as these fine gentleman here, to “straighten” their voice to appear more attractive. I’m not saying that these men are “straight acting” but many like them are. To them, nothing is less attractive then being seen as eye candy and then seen as feminine after opening their mouths. Having straight male qualities is a compliment to their physical attractiveness.

    Let’s be honest, gay males that have deep voices, masculine behaviors, and butch looks have more of an advantage over gay males with high-pitched voices, feminine qualities, and soft looks in the gay dating field.

  • MikeE

    @Aaron: What the hell are you going on about? masculinity/femininity has nothing to do with heterosexuality.

    Most of the gay guys I know are 100% gay, but have very few “feminine” characteristics. not something they fake, or “put on” to be “more attractive” to other men, simply the way they are. They aren’t “acting straight”, they are being themselves.

    And yeah, I know a crapload of straight guys who are WAY more effeminate than those gay guys.

    masculine/feminine has absolutely NOTHING to do with acting “straight”.

    “Acting straight” means fuc*ing women. Period.
    Because in the final analysis, the only thing that differentiates a gay man from a straight man is who they sleep with.

  • sportsguy1983

    Don’t like the term straight-acting, then don’t use it to describe yourself. People whose panties get in a knot because people decide to describe themselves one way really need to get a life. It must be so tiring being so politically correct. Take that stick out of your ass (though I am sure many of you would like a stick up your ass all day long) and be more concerned with how you describe yourself.

  • sportsguy1983

    And FYI, neither of these guys is straight acting. They look straight/butch/masculine/athletic, but neither could pass for anything other than screaming queens.

  • elbertdijkgraaf

    It was my understanding that naked torso pics weren’t allowed on Grindr, and that Grindr would censor/ban them. A bit hypocrite don’t you think?

  • jbeau

    Reading books now qualifies you as being intelligent? Really? So I guess lifting a 5lb weight every now and then makes someone a bodybuilder too.

    People like him say they like reading because they have nothing else going for them but their looks so they need to make up for it with lines like that to seem interesting.

  • scotshot

    I wonder which one will end up on the arm of Calvin Klein.

  • Aaron


    “Acting straight means fuc*ing women. Period.”

    – This right here is where our definition of “straight acting” differs. My interpretation of “straight acting” is when a homosexual man tries to come across as masculine: a trait typically expressed by heterosexual men. Although the term does not exist in the dictionary, I found a definition of the term in Wikipedia. According to their website, ‘straight-acting’ is said to occur when an LGBT person does not exhibit the appearance or mannerisms of the gay stereotype. I am going to have to agree with this definition. No where could I find that “straight-acting” referred to heterosexuals having heterosexual sex.

    I was clearly referring to homosexual men and not heterosexual men. I think I made that clear in my comment.

  • ncman

    @Aaron: Your interpretation of “straight acting” is when a homosexual man tries to come across as masculine

    According to Wikipedia ‘straight-acting’ is said to occur when an LGBT person does not exhibit the appearance or mannerisms of the gay stereotype

    Can you see that those are two different things? Your interpretation says that it is indeed an “act” by saying the man is “trying” to come across as….. The wiki definition says that the gay man has his masculine mannerisms naturally.

  • Stache1

    @MikeE: Yup that statement sure is loaded.. “all-American, straight-acting”

  • Stache1

    @erikwm: If that’s really you then yes you should have:)

  • Stache1

    @scotshot: Stop being so jealous. It’s not a good look. You go make a billion and you too can parade around with hot straight acting twenty something BF’s when your 80 years old.

  • corey

    Matthew in foot ball pose doesn’t look like a complete Nelli like Matthew at Instagram, is it me or am I correct?

  • Yahoo Thom

    “Straight acting”….the key word being “acting”. Funny how every year “WE” though ourselves huge “GAY” Pride parties only to through our own under the bus right afterward with the self-loathing proclamation that “STRAIGHT ACTING” is better. Learn to love yourselves. No “STRAIGHT” man ever throws up his legs and begs to be boinked…Give me a GAY man anytime, a REAL honest to goodness GAY PROUD SELF-AWARE CONFIDENT MAN!

  • Yahoo Thom

    @sportsguy1983: GAY PRIDE should mean something. Straight men don’t go around calling themselves GAY ACTING but do call each other FAGGOTS as a derogatory term…We need to have some self-respect, and not be so self-loathing publically

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