Grindr Wants To Help You Hook Up With The Next President

When casually logging into Grindr today, say, during a particularly boring meeting or heading to the gym or halfway down the road to Shitfacedburg — population: you —  at your local bar, you might inadvertently be met with a reminder about your responsibility to vote.

Grindr for Equality launched on Wednesday, targeting the hook-up app’s 1.5 million gay male users in the US with geo-centric messages informing them about relevant issues as well which local and national candidates support those issues. Grindr for Equality’s main goals are:

– Creating awareness regarding GLBT equality issues being voted on in November;

– Encouraging Grindr users to register to vote, providing them with sources that’ll show them nearby poll locations, and prompting them to vote when the time comes; and

– Promoting knowledge of those presidential candidates and state and local candidates who support GLBT initiatives.

So for once Grindr is urging you to think with your other head, but as Buzzfeed reports, some Grindees might find it hard to tap the “More” button with all their excess blood most likely rushing further south. Still, good for Grindr and CEO/founder Joel Simkhai for trying to put the “pol” back in politics.

According to Simkhai, “There is no election or town too small to have a gay voice. We’ll use Grindr to unite gay men across the country, make that voice grow louder and have a nationwide impact.” And once we’re all united, well, that’s when the electoral process really takes off.

Photos: Grindr

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  • jeff4justice

    Will they mention alternative party options or be part of the Gay Inc brainwashing of LGBTs to stay stuck in the 2party system?

  • Guillermo3

    WOW !!!!!!!!: I’m always amazed by the number of angry,paranoid,
    not to mention angry and ignorant comments,like the two above,
    are posted on these pages by homophobes,or worse}gay homophobes.
    Lots of stereotyping and belief in gay plots/brainwashing.
    I dream of a day when most people will understand that:sexual
    orientation?IT DOESN’T MATTER.

  • jeff4justice

    @Guillermo3: I am always amazed at 2party system zombies who make excuses for Obama’s NDAA, Monsanto in the FDA, drone attacks, lie-based war, medical marijuana user attacks, and their total attack on civil liberties.

    I am gay would be ashamed to support either the Democrats or Republicans. I am not a single issue voter and if the 2party system’s corporate media did not blackout alternative party options there’s no way Obama and Romney would win in November.

    I’ve faught homophobes (like nwilsontaylor) all my adult life an will put my record fighting for LGBT equality against anyone’s. But that does not make me a single issue voter who will blindly ignore all the ways that Democrats have become more and more Republican like.

  • Guillermo3

    @jeff4justice: jeff4justice(rich
    fantasy life as a 12year-old’s idea of being a hero?]
    I share your frustrations with the state of political/governmental
    affairs and with the 2 party system as it currently exists.
    However,I don’t think you will find anything in my comments to
    justify your assertion that I am an”Obama apologist”I Do feel that
    your remarks such as “Gay Inc brainwashing” demonstrate an
    unfortunate “They’re out to get us/Your either for me or against
    me/All or nothing”mindset which is counter-productive.
    jeff4justice,you seem to “globalize”issues quickly and to mix
    apples and oranges.I don’t think fruit cocktail is the answer.

  • the other Greg

    I’d like to hear what Mrs. ‘nwilsontaylor’ thinks of her husband spending so-o-o-o-o much time on a gay site with so many dirty words and dirty pictures!

    Our closet case pals invariably disappear after awhile… perhaps after their heads meet the wives’ proverbial frying pans.

  • Scott Gatz

    Hey everyone, remember don’t feed the trolls. The user nwilsontaylor has been banned from the site and messages attacking her/him removed. Let’s keep the conversation on topic.

  • Guillermo3

    QUEERTY’S “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” message is SHIT.
    It means you let HATERS post without “moderation”,but:

  • Guillermo3

    @Guillermo3: QUEERTY &Sott Gatz:
    I am still offended by your CENSORSHIP. PLEASE go MODERATE YOURSELVES.

  • Guillermo3

    Nothing has changed:If you are going to censor(“Your comment is
    awaiting moderation++It WON’T BE POSTED),censor the outrageous
    homophobes,many of whom appear to be self-hating closet cases,
    you let post their vicious hatred for days,or weeks}NOT
    those of us who take the time to respond to them.

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