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Grindr Rolls Out New Features For Summer 2012

Grindr, the ubiquitous hookup app, is unveiling new features and increased functionality to help millions of men find each other more easily. Since launching in 2008, the geo-specific app has connected more than four million men in 192 countries and sees more than one million users logging on each day.

The app’s new features will include:

* a revamped and optimized interface and slide-screen menu

* a community filter setting that enables men to specify their own type (bear, jock, etc.)

* a chat screen with recent conversations

“The new Grindr continues our commitment to innovation and our belief in leveraging location-based technologies to help gay men find one another,” says founder and CEO Joel Simkhai.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier or faster for the fast and easy. Too bad the new additions won’t be available in time for Pride.

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  • Jay P

    But I don’t fall into any of those categories! How about one for nerdy? awkward?

  • Matt

    Cue that troll Little Kiwi to come on and say how men who use Grindr are closet cases, homophobic because they don’t like queens or effeminate men, and all the other BS he says.

  • QJ201

    I’d like to be able to see my block list. LOL.

  • Danny

    It should show the location of condom/lube stores, and STD testing sites just so guys are reminded to be safe when they are having fun.

  • Bob

    Perhaps they should work on a messaging app that actually messages before adding things?

  • ed

    So basically they are copying Jack’d?

  • Anthony

    I’m with Jay P. I don’t fit into any of those filters and don’t have a “type” that does either… Seems a little limited and of course stereotypical…

  • Danzig's Cat

    With the new bear category is Grindr really going after Growlr and Scruff? Every bear I know has one or both apps.

  • Joe

    I echo Jay P. and Anthony — I hope it’s not just those four categories. I also fall under the nerdy awkward…

  • Gay Bacon

    No Trekkie categories?!? :O

  • FelixWood

    Let’s commodify and box each other in even further!

  • sorryroger

    I’d suggest a feature that filters out all the partnered guys, but then there’d be no one left.

  • sheena


  • Danny

    How is an app for guys to hook up with guys transphobic when it is a gay app, not an LGBT app?

  • jeff4justice

    If these sites forbid homophobes why not forbid gay on gay haters too?

    There’s nothing wrong with with preference. But there’s a lot wring with singling out certain types of people – for example: No fats, no fems, no ___________ race, etc…

    I am not into woman, aliens from outer space, pedophiles, or people on death row but therefore I do not include it in my profile. So why would anyone include what they are NOT into in their profile? Because they’re projecting their phobia – and that comes off as so insecure and unattractive.

    What is you’re not into “fats or fems” and you hit up a skinny or in shape masculine looking dude and they have fat or fem friends? Then you’ve just come off as offensive and insecure to a potential date.

    Also, what’s with all the guys barking orders or grievances with other guys in their profiles? Example: “Don’t expect me to reply right away.”

    If you start out coming off as bossy in a profile who on earth do you think you’re going to attract?

    Here’s an example of how to do it right:

    I am a nice emotionally-open sober/drug free guy. I’m into road tripos, activism, and making YouTube vids. Open to friends or sex but prefer dates. I am a lover of love.

  • Anon

    @jeff4justice: Because “woman, aliens, etc.” are not common on Grindr while “fats and fems” are. If you use Grindr for hookups and people you are not interested become a nuisance then you take action and prevent it. If someone’s buthurt than to bad. You’re not insecure, you are just trying to accomplish a basic goal.

  • Aaron in Honolulu


    Gay men today are SPOILED by technology. We demand particular groups of men not to contact us to make our selection process easier and more efficient. But in this defensive process, depending how we word our profiles, we risk coming across as demanding and judgmental.

    You wanna come across as approachable to your future hottie, not defensive.

    Let’s say your type is: white, young, fit, and masculine and a man who fits this type sees your profile and is completely turned off by your choice of words. You just lost a hottie. Not all men who are white, young, fit, and masculine are going to be visually motivated and shallow . A lot of them may demand integrity, maturity, open-mindedness, and kindness.

    Trust me, if you focus more on what you appreciate in a potential mate and less about what you don’t like, you may come across a hottie who is not only attracted to you physically but is also attracted to your personality. Yes, you will have to weed through a lot of guys you’re not attracted to but you’ll also won’t shoo away guys your type who demand a little more than just looks.

  • jason

    Grindr is shit. It’s for desperate homos with no social skills. Shit, shit, shit.

  • barry

    @Danny: Because there are trans men who are gay too, dude.

  • jeff4justice

    @Anon: You can accomplish avoidance of shooing away the “fats & fems” by writing “Seeking masculine, in shape guys” instead of writing “no fats, no fems.” And yes indeed it does come off as insecure.

    Also, if there are really so many “fats and fems” on Grinder, maybe it’s not the right place to meet a guy if one is not into those types.

    In any case, great! More “fats and fams” for me.

  • DB


  • DB

    @Aaron in Honolulu: Anyone who is not ‘shallow’ or demands maturity is not going to be using an application like Grindr.

  • Jozef

    @Jay P: My thoughts exactly

  • RLS

    Never thought I’d agree with Jason, but Grindr is for losers. I’m sorry, but it is. I have a friend who’s so totally addicted to this thing it’s pathetic. But then again he’s got a tech addiction in general.

  • Erik

    I never publicly state what i’m not into, but I would appreciate the ability to discreetly filter my results.

    However, in reality, most guys will not fall into any of those categories — bears, jocks, twinks, or muscle. You’re not a twink if you’re over 24 and few guys really have an athletic or muscular body. Oh, they’ll categorize themselves as such, but it’ll be little more than wishful thinking. There should be an “Average Joe” category, as that’s what most fall into.

  • Jason

    No idea why I re-installed the app. I use Jackd and Scruff more and slightly more luck getting message responses with Jackd. No offense, but half the time I get messaged by people that aren’t my type, I’d deem insecure, or looking for someone to pity them

  • Spike

    Wonder what the gay 20somethings will be like when they are 50 and have never actually hooked up with someone having not first reviewed their bio, pics and exchanged multiple chat messages? I’m guessing totally incapable of normal face to fact human interaction.

  • Ari159

    @jeff4justice: Agree 100% with this sentiment. Despite most guys not doing it, I *always* read a guy’s profile to see if he has stats or anything to say. The ones that border on what you mention, I don’t even bother to message even if they are attractive. That tiny description box, believe it or not, is a reflection on them as a person and if it’s not a good one, no point in bothering.

  • SilentJoe

    Hopefully, it’ll at least be ready for Atlanta Pride in October. But at this point, July is almost over, and still no sign of a release date.

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