Grindr sued by ex-employee who claims HR supervisor drugged and raped him

Grindr, the ubiquitous singles bar you keep in your pocket at all times, is reportedly caught up in a highly troubling sexual assault lawsuit.

TMZ reports that a former employee of the gay dating app is suing Grindr, alleging an HR supervisor drugged him at the company’s 2016 holiday party and proceeded to rape him.

The plaintiff, who does not wish to be named, is listed as John Doe.

He claims that Daniel Cabanero slipped him something at the event, got the plaintiff into his car, and raped him back at the hotel he was staying at.

When the plaintiff woke up, Cabanero allegedly had him pinned down and was penetrating him.

After that, the plaintiff says he passed out again and when he awoke a second time, went straight to the hospital where he was “subjected to a highly invasive and humiliating rape examination.”

Then he told his story to police, and an investigation was opened. He believes that investigation is still underway.

He also alleges multiple Grindr employees knew he’d lost his faculties at the holiday event but did not intervene.

The company culture at Grindr, he went on to say, often crossed the line in terms of vulgar sexual language and misconduct.