POLL: 77% Of Grindr Users Are Holding Out For Mr. Right (But Will Take Mr. Right Now)

New-Grindr-Preview_Cascade-smThough dudes on Grindr are often labeled, let’s say “promiscuous” — usually by other dudes on Grindr — a poll by the hookup app found that a majority of them just want to settle down, get married and have a bunch of stupid, adorable kids.

Of the over 2,000 users Grindr polled, 77% of them want to get married and in a noteworthy sidebar, 4% of them already are. Whoops. Or rather, wee! Still, tradition trumps threesomes with 76% of users saying they want kids and 59% opposed to open relationships. Other findings from the survey include:

  • 67% of respondents were single, whereas 20% were married or exclusively dating someone and 8% are in an open relationship.
  • 60% of respondents believed their soul mate is still out there, while 22% claim to be with their soul mate and 18% do not believe in soul mates.
  • 41% of respondents believe in open relationships

We guess the results aren’t super surprising. With the option of actually and legally getting married — something our foregays didn’t/couldn’t even consider — the gays have white picket fences on the brain. So one day when little whats-her-face looks her daddies innocently in the eyes and asks how they met, she can be regaled about the time Daddy sent an introductory  “Sup” to a pic of Papa’s headless torso. Welcome to modern romance!