Groundbreaking New Study Reveals The Most Popular Positions In The Bedroom


A new survey asked people from all around the world about their favorite sexual positions. The study was conducted by a team at Dr. Ed, an online doctor, and included roughly 2,000 people in the United States and Europe. Here’s what researchers found…

Nearly 54 percent of men said they got most of their sexual inspiration from adult films. 22 percent said they got it from the internet, but not from skin flicks. And 16 percent said they got it from their partners.

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Doggy style rated the #1 preferred position for all men–gay, bisexual, and straight. According to the experts, the position “allows for deeper penetration,” making the G-spot easier to access. From there, both gay and straight men said missionary was their #2 choice, while bisexual men chose cowgirl as #2.

When it came to things they’d like to try, gay men rated 69 standing up as #1, followed by tabletop at #2 and kneeling wheelbarrow at #3. Meanwhile, both bisexual and straight men chose tabletop for #1, followed by 69 standing up at #2 and kneeling wheelbarrow at #3.

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Finally, when it came to their biggest fears in bed, nearly 38 percent of men said they were most afraid of hurting their partners. 23.5 percent said they feared they weren’t flexible enough to do the job right. And 21 percent said they were afraid they’d mess up and seem inexperienced.

Check out the rest of the survey results.