Group Protests Expulsion Of Bullied Gay Teen Who Fired Stun Gun At School

Darnell “Dynasty” Young, a gay teen who fired a stun gun in the air to ward off bullies at his high school, has been expelled from school until next January.

A group of 300 people, including fellow students and community members, came together last night outside the Indianapolis Public Schools Administration Building to show their support for Young and to protest his expulsion. Many said he was just doing what he needed to do to protect himself from bullies at Arsenal Technical High School, while teachers and administrators stood by idly.

“I’m getting really sick of turning on my television and seeing kids die,” mother Angie Stagge told the Indianapolis Star. “It’s not an issue anymore; it’s an epidemic.”

And apparently the bullying of Young has not ended now that he’s been kicked out of school; in fact, he’s getting beat up by adults now. Reports the Star:

On Friday, Khyran Delay, 34, saw Young in the Circle Centre Mall food court, used homophobic slurs and struck him in the face, according to court documents. Delay has been charged with a misdemeanor count of battery and is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

This poor kid can’t catch a break. What do you think is the best solution for Young, an openly gay teen who likes to wear jewelry and use purses? Perhaps he would benefit from going to a school in a more gay-friendly place like New York City.