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Growlr issues mass account suspensions without explanation

Social media has erupted with a massive growl of anger following mass account suspensions on the popular dating app Growlr.

Growlr, which caters to bearish men, launched in 2012 and claims to boast more than 2 million users. The mass suspensions appear to have begun February 17, and have caused a massive outcry on Facebook and Twitter. At the time of this writing, the company has yet to comment publicly on the reason for the suspensions, or the steps it is taking to resolve the issue. It also remains unclear just how many users were suspended.

Media speculation has noted that the company–which sold to the straight-owned The Meet Group for more than $11 million last year–may have signaled its demise. At the time, CEO Geoff Cook said “We are thrilled to add Growlr to The Meet Group portfolio. Similar to what we have done with our other acquired properties, we plan to be aggressive in bringing our video model to Growlr. We expect to begin rolling out live video on Growlr in the fourth quarter of 2019. We also see opportunities to grow advertising revenue on the app, and we plan to further invest in user acquisition to expand brand awareness and reach.”

Maybe those plans didn’t pan out?