Grown Man With Sword Attacks Friend After Being Accused Of Having “Homosexual Tendencies”

SwordA dispute between two males over their sexuality ended with one chasing after the other with a two-foot sword earlier this week. And, no, the males weren’t in middle school. They were grown adults.

It all started when a 48-year-old man who goes by the name of “Cowboy” accused a 44-year-old man of having “homosexual tendencies,” whatever that means.

The men were hanging out in an apartment watching the Cleveland Cavaliers game and playing dominoes.

The 44-year-old responded by saying he had heard from several reliable neighborhood sources that Cowboy was the one with “homosexual tendencies.”

Things, naturally, escalated.

Voices were raised. Punches were thrown. The two men wrestled their way into the kitchen, before a third man finally broke up the fight and told them to “take it outside.”

The fired up 44-year-old went outside and waited. When Cowboy finally emerged from the building, he was wielding a two-foot sword, which he began wildly swinging in the air. He struck the man once in the head and twice in the left arm before the injured man said he was calling the cops, upon which Cowboy dropped the sword and ran away.

When officers arrived at the scene, they were unable to locate Cowboy.

According to the Plain Dealer, court records show Cowboy spent 14 years in the slammer after a 1986 conviction on rape, kidnapping and robbery charges.

No charges have been filed in the attack.

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