Grumpy Old Mormon Doubles Down On Church’s Opposition To Gay Marriage

In case anyone forgot, Mormon Elder Dalin H. Oakes of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is here to remind us that Mormons hate gay marriage.

Speaking at the LDS General Conference, Oakes, 80, bemoans how so many children are victims of societal ills like abortion, unwed mothers—then says “we should assume the same disadvantages for children raised by couples of the same gender.”

The social-science literature is controversial and politically charged on the long-term effect of this on children, principally because, as a New York Times writer observed, “same-sex marriage is a social experiment, and like most experiments it will take time to understand its consequences.”

So we should deny LGBT couples the right to raise children because you’re not sure what it would do to them? We could make the same argument about children raised by parents who baptize dead Holocaust victims.

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