Gucci’s Gays Sexually Harassing The Straight Employees? Let’s Hear This One Out

I’m probably drowning any chance of securing Gucci as a Queerty advertiser with this one, but given I know none of the facts of this case first-hand I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest the lawsuit from Adolfo Mendez — a married straight man fired from Gucci because, he says, he rebuffed his gay manager’s touchy-feelies, and complained about it to HR — might have some merit. It’s gonna be very easy for some Gs to say Noooooo, the straight guy has it all wrong, he’s lying!!!, but I’m sure if this were a sexual harassment case where a straight manager was making a gay employee uncomfortable, we’d be up in arms, demanding the straight guy pay up. Sometimes gays can be creepy bosses too, ya know.

I’m not saying Michael Daly and David Gray, the accused managers (who no longer work for Gucci), did any of these things, because how would I know? But let’s hear them both out first. (Though the case will probably be settled and never see the inside of a court room, ’cause that’s how these things go.)