Screening Room

Guess which out musician just released his childhood home videos?

If you guessed Steve Grand, well, you win.

What do you win?

Funny you should ask — as a special treat, we have Steve’s new music video for “Don’t Let the Light In”, off his second studio album Not The End of Me.

Earlier this month, Grand told Queerty:

“This album was just a giant exercise in catharsis for me. I started writing music when I was 11 or 12 because I was going through adolescence feeling like I was a weird kid. I was not really understanding my sexuality, and it was a way to make myself feel understood. It was very therapeutic. Even more so than the ones on the first record, these songs are very personal. They’re dark because I went through some dark things. I dealt with a lot of my own internal demons.”

Watch the video for “Don’t Let the Light In”, which features baby-Steve, below: