Lunar landing

Guess how Nico Tortorella commemorated last night’s full moon?

Last night’s full moon in Gemini was special. Why was it special? Because it was super.

In fact, it was the only supermoon in all of 2017. That means it was 16,139 miles closer to Earth than usual, and even the naked eye could notice the difference from the right viewing location.

Correction: It has just come to our attention that there were not just one, but two supermoons last night. Someone call NASA stat.

The second one is thanks to Younger star Nico Tortorella, and his, too, can be enjoyed with the naked eye. In fact, the more naked the better.

The actor and model shed his clothing and stepped above the camera lens to participate in a hashtag that we wholeheartedly approve of: #getyourfuckingassout. (Note, do not #getyourfuckingassout in any religious institutions, especially in Thailand.)

You can see the otherworldy results here.

In a similar (and similarly appealing) share, Nico’s boyfriend did the same, and urged their followers to join the fun. “I dare you to snap and post. #getyourfuckingassout use the hashtag and tag me,” Nico wrote. “Tell the world why you are getting your fu*king ass out. and who should be next.”

Again, in light of recent events, definitely do question “is this an appropriate place to get my fu*king ass out?” before getting your fu*king ass out.

This has been a public service announcement.

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  • Donston

    His “boyfriend” is actually a girl. Or is she identifying male now or something?

  • ChrisK

    I’m confused. Is this a defense of the couple in Thailand or just an excuse for him to show off his ass?

    • Donston

      Nico preaches about fluidity, polygamy, anti-misogyny, trans rights, racism, etc, but he makes sure not to associate himself with anything having to do with male homosexuality. So, this unlikely had anything to do with them and was probably just an excuse to show his flat ass.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    I’m just surprised that his butt doesn’t have any tattoos on it.

  • Slash

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Nico has a boyfriend at some point but as of now he hasn’t confirmed he’s ever officially had one. The other pic is actually his long time girlfriend, who supposedly identifies as a lesbian. Complicated for sure.

    • Ryan

      He opened up on his podcast about dating men, and also about his former boyfriend Kyle Krieger.

    • Donston

      The article states that his boyfriend also did a bare ass pic, but the picture is actually of his gf. So, Slash was merely correcting the article.

      I have no idea about the make-up of Nico’s orientation and what motivates his behavior and identity. Despite endless talking about it he remains incredibly evasive. But his “relationship” with Kyle only lasted a few months. Yet, he milked it for all the press it was worth. He says he’ll never be interested in settling down with anyone but a cis gendered woman. And he has said and done many things that have hinted towards being someone contending with internalized homophobia, misandry, megalomania and mommy issues. So, I’m not certain how great of a representation for the “bisexual cause” he is. His supposed relationship with Kyle Krieger certainly isn’t worth hyping.

  • Ryan

    Also, Bethany Meyers is a woman and identifies as such. The use of “boyfriend” is incorrect in this tabloid.

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