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Guess who One Million Moms has targeted for “sexual perversion”

Monica Cole. Screenshot.

Homophobic muckrakers One Million Moms have selected their next target: skincare outlet Sephora. A new holiday commercial for the store shows a happy gay couple exchanging gifts and a kiss on the holidays. One leader of the group has slammed the ad for promoting “sexual perversion.”

A leaked email obtained by the website JoeMyGod and later posted to the One Million Moms website reveals an unhinged rant sent to supporters by one of the leaders of One Million Moms, Monica Cole. In it, she bemoans Sephora for “crossing the line” by featuring the gay couple.

An aside: we also have to wonder if Ms. Cole has ever interacted with any of the male shoppers or employees of Sephora. Just sayin’.

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“Sephora, a company that sells cosmetics, beauty products, and fragrances, has really crossed the line by featuring two gay men in its newest commercial,” Cole writes. “The Sephora Holiday Gifting 2021 ad shows various friends and family members smiling while giving each other Christmas gifts, but the homosexual couple is the only romantic couple included in the advertisement.”

“After one man is shown opening a gift from their dogs (which is obviously from his partner), the commercial concludes with the two men kissing on the lips,” Cole continues. “Sephora’s primary customer base is women, yet the company ends the commercial with two men kissing.”

“Promoting same-sex relationships should have nothing to do with marketing makeup and skin care products,” Cole contends.

She then goes on to reiterate One Million Moms’ commitment to opposing “this particular type of sexual perversion.” Cole also fears that children might see the ad and (gasp) think two people in love is a bad thing.

Cole concludes her letter by urging supporters to press for Sephora to pull the ad. One Million Moms also launched a petition on its website pressuring Sephora to pull the ad. At the time of this writing, it has just over 12,500 signatures.

The soft support should come as no surprise to those familiar with One Million Moms. The group–an offshoot of the anti-LGBTQ hate group American Family Association–has, according to research, nowhere near one million members, despite the name. The group also has a history of unsuccessful anti-gay boycotts. Earlier this year, One Million Moms urged followers to boycott the Disney/Marvel film Eternals over the inclusion of a gay couple, as well as the DisneyXD series DuckTales for featuring a character with male, same-sex parents. In the past, the group has also targeted JC Penny for hiring Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson, Marvel & DC Comics for including queer characters, and the Hallmark Channel for running a commercial featuring a same-sex couple, as well as allowing gay characters in its films.