Guess What Show Fired John Barrowman For Being Gay?


Remember the soap opera Central Park West? It was sort of a thing in the mid-’90s.

Well, producers apparently fired John Barrowman from the show after learning he was gay and unwilling to stay in the closet.

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The news was revealed on the show Loose Women. Opening up about his experiences 20 years ago, Barrowman said, “The producers pulled me into the office and sat me down – one was gay – and said they didn’t want me to talk about my boyfriend at the time, Scott, who I eventually married.”

He went home and talked to Scott about it and they both agreed: “I can’t do that.”

The producers shrugged and simply fired him.

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His character was written off the show, he claims, with the explanation that he went to South America for a facelift. The character subsequently returned played by another actor.

Barrowman doesn’t mention who the producers were, but IMDB lists all the key players here. 

Who is Barrowman referring to here? Your guess is as good as ours.