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Guess What Could Be Coming to New Hampshire? A Gay Marriage Ban


Is New Hampshire — beacon of New England liberalism — about to become the thirty-first state with a gay marriage ban? And the third state to have gay marriage ripped away after becoming legal? State Rep. Dudley Dumaine certainly hopes so!

Of course, he’s tried this before — and this 2007 effort to amend the state’s Constitution failed. But Dumaine, a Republican, is persistent, and his new bill is among a whopping “>em>twelve proposed amendments to the Constitution.

You might remember Dumaine as the NH lawmaker who, having received an email in 2007 from a constituent complaining about a multi-state settlement with a mortgage lender, responded with a “fuck”-laced email. Yes, this is the guy who wants to uphold family values.

With the bill just being announced for the 2010 legislative session, it’s unclear how much support it has. But a Constitutional amendment would revoke the legislature’s passage of same-sex marriage, set to take effect Jan. 1, and the move would put New Hampshire on the same list as California and Maine, where legislators gave marriage the go-ahead only to see it eliminated months later. (Of course, only California actually let residents get married before halting things.)

In the meantime, we expect one emerging trend to continue: Absolute silence from Democrats and their parties and absolutely no assistance to assure the bill never advances. Oh, and an assist from the National Organization for Marriage, which despite claims of having “broken the bank,” appears to have cash on hand for New Jersey’s fight. And probably NH, too.