Guess Which Gay-Voiced Therapist Is Hunting For Oral On…

Guess who’s a bottom looking for some CRUDE BARBARIANS on It’s America’s favorite ex-gay therapist Marcus Bachmann!

Someone’s having a little fun on the personals website by imitating Michele’s husband. Here’s what he’s looking for (link NSFW) :

Hi, I am a fun over-forty flamer who just wants to try IT ALL! I’m looking for some CRUDE BARBARIANS who will put me in my place, honey! Spank me, Spank me, and don’t forget to thank me! I am just a “gal” who can’t say no! Professionally I am a psychologist, which is funny because I am really into “mind games”. My hobbies include doing Ethel Merman imitations, antiquing, and wearing my wife’s clothes when she isn’t around! If any of this interests you, please “ring my bell”! I’ll have lots of time on my hands as my wife Michelle will be traveling a lot this year! You wouldn’t believe the things I can do with an ostrich feather and an ice pick! ha ha ha

Yow! Creepy… of course, Marcus does have a very serious case of gay-voice and probably has the spirit of John Wayne Gacy in him too.

You bring the love, he’ll bring the chloroform.


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  • Elloreigh

    This kinda stuff just gives ammunition to our opponents, who will characterize it as bullying. Whoever is behind this just did their community a gross disservice.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t be harsh. I am saying we need to go after our opponents in legitimate ways.

  • robert in NYC

    Many in those ex-gay ministries have a lot of skeletions in their deep, dark closets, especially the ones who protest far too much and who obsess over sexual orientation to the exclusion of everything else. Michelle Bachmann by the way has a gay step-sister.

  • robert in NYC

    “skeletons”…nor “skeletions”, my apologies.

  • Gigi

    @Elloreigh: It’s called satire. Look it up. Besides, the Bachmann’s and their ilk don’t need any “ammunition” to attack us. They’re fine to make it all up and spread their disgusting lies every chance they get.

  • christopher di spirito

    FOFLMAO! I love this. Dr. Marcus Bachmann is a big, ole circuit queen.

  • Ken

    Thanks Queerty!! Reading this gave me the first laugh I have ever had reading this Site…

  • Michael

    LMFAO spank me spank me and dont forget to thank me?! LMFAO!!!

  • jeff4justice

    Get ya some. If we’re gonna give free publicity for a hook up profile, check me out on OK Cupid user name jeff4justice or Adam 4 Adam user name sensualyumfun.

  • RomanHans

    “Gay-voiced”? Gay is not a synonym for “effeminate.”

  • JKB

    @Elloreigh: Lighten up Francis.

  • huatulco63

    that´s what I call a Barbarian Maid… hehe… (btw I have a SilverD profile on my own)

  • jackmailey121

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