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Guess Who’s Keeping Its AIDS Money While Trying to Kill Gays? Uganda!


Just so we’re clear: The United States will not be restricting PEPFAR funds to Uganda, despite the country being led by a president who supports state-sponsored execution of gays and lesbians, the very people who could be helped by U.S. aid.

Not that Eric Goosby, Obama’s PEPFAR coordinator, appears to even understand that much of Uganda’s HIV problem exists in the heterosexual community. As Michael Airhart notes, “Goosby falsely contends that it is a homosexual phenomenon that threatens the ‘general population.'”

Appointed by Obama in the spring, Goosby is supposed to be “the lightning rod” in fighting AIDS worldwide. President George W. Bush’s only worthwhile legacy — fighting HIV in Africa — is now being led by a man whose mission is to limit the spread of the virus, while providing education and treatment funding for countries hardest hit.

But in doing so, he’s propping up a nation that still treats HIV as “the gay disease,” that further stigmatizez the queer community, and is now calling for the murder of anyone who dares involve themselves in same-sex sex.

Meanwhile, as Canadian and British leaders come out — at least verbally — against Uganda’s treatment of LGBTs, American officials, including Sec. of State Clinton, remain painfully silent.

Might The Family’s influence reach farther than we thought?