Oh, the horror!

Guess who’s having a panic attack over Google’s adorable new ad featuring two gay dads?

Google just released a commercial for its new voice-controlled “virtual assistant,” Google Home, and the homophobes are freaking out.

The 33-second ad titled Carpool features a family headed by two dads. In it, one of the dads asks Google Home for his schedule, then the other. Based on the results, the couple decides who will take the kids.

NBD, right?


Naturally, Christian extremists are having a collective meltdown over it.

“Google is continuing its attempts to mainstream the homosexual lifestyle with a 30-second video showing a male couple getting their photogenic children off to grade school,” Steve Weatherbe at the Christian blog Life Site writes.

“It’s just more propaganda,” someone named Gwen Landolt, who heads REAL Women of Canada, says. “It’s an attempt to normalize same-sex relationships using children as props. But it is not normal and what they are not telling you is that it is not good for children.”

Landolt called Google part of the HRC’s “kennel of mad dogs.”

Whenever someone or organization offends against the LGBT cause, she says, “HRC opens the kennel and lets the dogs out.”

Folks on Twitter aren’t pleased about it either:

“Children require a mother and a father. The ad is an abuse of children,” Landolt continued ranting. “Google is supporting an abnormality!”

Watch the blasphemous commercial below…