Guess Whose Tears Won’t Allow A House Vote On A DOMA Repeal

Well here’s a huge surprise. House speaker John “Defend DOMA on a dime” Boehner thinks the Defense of Marriage Act is “the law of the land and should remain the law of the land.” And so the House won’t be voting on the Obama-backed Respect for Marriage Act which would effectively repeal DOMA.

We doubt Boehner cried any tears over this one.

The National Organization for Malice Marriage chair Margaret Srivastav, points to the recent 248-175 defense spending vote reaffirming DOMA in the Republican-controlled House as proof that Americans love the DOMA.

But Mag’s job is to promote DOMA and same-sex marriage bans with every breath she utters, so… no surprise there.

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  • Norm Castle

    we have the same kind of lady kook in Utah who FIGHTS everything tooth and nail…constantly opposed sex education in schools, because if you know about it you are going to do it…PROOF? SHE HAS 12 children…learn about it, do it…

  • robert in NYC

    Very few republicans support repeal of DOMA, yet Log Cabiners,GOProunders continue voting for them, gay civil libertarians continue supporting Ron Paul who believes in DOMA, it’s not an important priority nor is full equality, but fattening their portfolios most certainly is as well as defunding every federal program, laying off federal and state workers and protecting the corporate oligarchy at any cost even if it means no job creation as a result of no tax increases on the wealthiest. I’d love to see a list of republicans in both houses who are the recipients of federally funded health care and other benefits.

  • shle896


  • Scott Rose

    Boehner and Gagginwhore are gay bashing Catholics who oppose the lifting of statutes of limitations for the prosecution of crimes of child rape. In a recent indictment related to a shocking Church child rape ring in Philadelphia, 37 of the priests named can’t be prosecuted because of the statutes of limitations. So call Boehner’s office. Tell him you want to talk about DOMA repeal, but that first you want to know why he doesn’t move more vigorously to see lifted the statutes of limitations for prosecutions of child rapes.

  • Cam

    See this is the issue, the TEa Partiers try to pretend that they are all about finance and not a bunch of inbread religious nuts.

    And yet all they seem to have done is go after abortion and gays.

  • tjr101

    John Boehner is easily the most incompetent speaker in modern time, I don’t even think Ginghrich was this bad.He can’t control the Teaparty! Since taking control they have yet to pass a single jobs bill but have succeeded in demonizing every group that is not a striaght, white male.

  • Steve

    This idiot doesn’t seem to realize that just because something is law doesn’t automatically mean it gets to stay law. Or has he not heard of like the 15 different court cases where DOMA was declared unconstitutional?

  • robert in NYC

    tjr101, the reasons why the GOP/Tea Party scumbags haven’t come up with a jobs bill is quite simple. They believe that lowering taxes on corporations creates millions of jobs. Ask them where all the job creation was under Bush for 8 years. I know where they are. In China, India, and Malaysia for the most part and….these same corporations pay NO taxes on the profits raised overseas and shelter their billions of dollars in offshore banks. Time for that to end. They are nothing but a selfish bunch of oligarchs who don’t give a damn about the people, in fact, if anything, it is they who are un-American and so is the GOP for protecting them while getting rid of federal and state workers at home to justify reducing deficits. It’s always the middle class and the poor who shoulder the responsibility, never them.

  • shle896

    @robert in NYC: And what is even worse is that the Democratic Party and the media do a shitty job of pointing that out. The narrative is so obvious and so simple, yet most people just think the Dems “want to raise taxes” – a blanket statement that needs qualified.

    Say what you will about the Republicans, they’re better at the p.r. war. Of course it helps when you have the #1 “news” network in your pocket.

  • robert in NYC

    shle896, yes, sadly that is true. The Democrats never stay on message unlike the other party. The #1 “news soundbites) network’s days are numbered. It’s ratings are dropping.

    Obama made a huge mistake hiring one of the republican co-culprits in the meltdown on Wall Street, Timothy Gaithner. If he’d hired Robert Reich or Paul Krugman as Treasury Secretary, I think we might have seen a different situation. Reich would have done what Obama was afraid to do, call out the republicans on 30 years plus of fiscal irresponsibility and a spending spree unprecedented in the nation’s history and their refusal to pay for it. Clinton left them with a huge net surplus and what did they do with it? Pissed it all away on borrowing, spending without any intention of paying it back, then dumped it on the Democrats as if it was they who brought it all about. I might add, since Reagan, lowering tax cuts didn’t produce anywhere near the number of jobs when Clinton left office.

  • shle896

    @robert in NYC: And nevermind that the Republicans voted 13 times to raise the debt ceiling under Reagan and seven times under Bush, Jr.! They’re such hypocritical liars.

    Frankly, I think Obama is trying to be TOO compromising. Sometimes it serves him well because it gets us something instead of nothing (healthcare reform), but much of the time it seems that the GOP moves SO far to the right that they drag Obama along with them in the process.

    Obama has my utmost respect and support, but I often wonder if Hillary Clinton would have made a better president. She certainly has plenty of experience dealing with Republican obstructionism and right-wing smears and hate talk. The woman is ballsy and I was so disappointed when she didn’t win the nomination! Sorry to go off topic, but I’m very passionate about the whole thing.

  • tjr101

    @shle896: I completely agree with your assessments, as for Hillary possibly being a better president we may never know.

    I have utmost respect for the President as well and will be voting for him, but as you mentioned earlier he does not control the message. Obama and the Democrats are weak on message delivery, case in point the other night when he was addressing the nation on the debt ceiling and 2 minutes later this douche of a speaker comes on with the usual talking points. Obama has compromised and collaborated to the point of having the speaker of the house have as much airtime as he does. Who is running things, Obama or Boehner? And you are correct where his willingness to compromise has shifted the boundary line further to the right.

    As much as I despise the GOP I do admire their machiavellian methods of getting their way. Over 30 years of conservative policies of cutting taxes for the rich, runaway spending on their watch and launching illegal wars has led to this huge deficit which they are now blaming on entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare both of which those on the right would love to see disappear.

  • robert in NYC

    shle896, I hear you and empathize completely. You’re probably right about Hillary, although I think Howard Dean would have made one tough leader. He’s not afraid to call the GOP out on things, please or offend. It’s just a pity he had that embarrassing outburst back in 2004. At least he had passion and fire in his belly, Obama doesn’t, too academic in many ways. He’s allowed himself to walk into the GOP trap just one time too many, the debt-ceiling being the latest. Bush 43 didn’t give a damn about bi-partisanship, he went ahead with or without Democrats. Had Obama done what Bush did, we would have had the public option and many of those 39 million voters who stayed home in 2010, would probably have come out and voted and not allowed the House of Representatives to have been overtaken by right wing extremists and fundamentalists, 87 of them I might add.

  • robert in NYC

    tjr101, and Social Security isn’t even an entitlement. It is paid for out of the wages of the American worker. It’s a form of personal insurance for retirement and for some, the only means of income. Social Security isn’t even part of the deficit. It’s solvent for at least another 25 years, but republicans will never admit it and certainly wouldn’t mention it. This is a manufactured crisis by them to take down whatever semblance of government we have. They get their marching orders from the Tea Party scumbaggers and are deathly afraid of them. They’re out to destroy Obama, the democrats and in the process, the country and they don’t care who they hurt along the way, certainly not the middle class or the poor. We matter nothing to them. Many of the Tea Party scumbags are on medicare and social security. They don’t realize they’re voting against their own interests. They want a corporate oligarchy running the show, in other words, fascism. That’s where its headed if they gain any more power.

  • Scott

    >> Guess Whose Tears Won’t Allow A House Vote On A DOMA Repeal?

    Now we’re electing crocodiles to Congress?

  • Gaytorium

    John Boehner’s days as speaker of the house are limited at best. After his complete mishandling of the default deal his name is garbage around GOP HQ. The problem is whoever replaces him may be even more insane a la Eric Cantor.

  • Hannah

    I don’t think it would pass through the House right now anyway. Wait, til the House changes a bit and we will see if it may work later. I still think it will take the Supreme Court to really get rid of DOMA. Otherwise, every Congress will continue going back and forth with the issue.

  • nineinchnail

    How did such a sissy cry-baby ever get this far in politics? Having said that Id be cryng with that last name. Bay-nor…..yeh right! LOL

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