Guilty: Roman Catholic Priest Richard John James Robinson Convicted Of Molesting 4 Boys

It took six hours for a jury to convict Richard John James Robinson, a British Roman Catholic priest extradited from California after fleeing to there in 1985, of 21 sex crimes involving the molestation of four boys — although two additional victims were not included in the charges “because they contacted the police after he was extradited.” (I don’t fully understand that either.)

The judge overseeing the case told Robinson, 73, whom denies the allegations, “The offences you committed were unimaginably wicked and caused immense and long-lasting – we can only hope not permanent – damage to the six victims. You used, you abused, your position of trust, your position of authority and total trust within the communities that you moved to and from. … You enjoyed, I have no doubt at all, selecting your victims, choosing vulnerable children. You enjoyed doing your best to habituate them, to groom them into accepting what you did to them. You were and are sufficiently devious, manipulative and bold to have got away with a highly risky sequence of sexual encounters over a period of 25 years.” Many of his victims, now in the 40s-60s, testified against him. Robinson was sentenced to 21 years in prison.