Guilty: Roman Catholic Priest Richard John James Robinson Convicted Of Molesting 4 Boys

It took six hours for a jury to convict Richard John James Robinson, a British Roman Catholic priest extradited from California after fleeing to there in 1985, of 21 sex crimes involving the molestation of four boys — although two additional victims were not included in the charges “because they contacted the police after he was extradited.” (I don’t fully understand that either.)

The judge overseeing the case told Robinson, 73, whom denies the allegations, “The offences you committed were unimaginably wicked and caused immense and long-lasting – we can only hope not permanent – damage to the six victims. You used, you abused, your position of trust, your position of authority and total trust within the communities that you moved to and from. … You enjoyed, I have no doubt at all, selecting your victims, choosing vulnerable children. You enjoyed doing your best to habituate them, to groom them into accepting what you did to them. You were and are sufficiently devious, manipulative and bold to have got away with a highly risky sequence of sexual encounters over a period of 25 years.” Many of his victims, now in the 40s-60s, testified against him. Robinson was sentenced to 21 years in prison.

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  • NMV

    I try not to judge books by their covers but dang it if this man doesn’t look like the epitome of a child molester.

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    We wonder why the ages of the ‘boys’ are not given?

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    We also have always wondered why these ‘victims’ do not report the ‘crimes’ until 30 years later? Could it be that they smelled $$$$$$$$$$$?


  • Herbert Wassinger

    @ Mrs Patrick Campbell
    No. 3

    Maybe it’s because they finally felt safe from the tsunami of retaliation that the Roman Catholic Church has traditionally directed toward the VICTIMS of these crimes, while making authorities play hide and seek with criminal Catholic priests.

    And, madame, people like you are still part of this criminal problem.

    Sleep tight and dream about angels carrying you to heaven.

  • scott ny'er

    @Mrs Patrick Campbell: yeah. if you were trying to be controversial, really, it’s not a good topic for that.

    maybe they finally are able to cope with it and their trauma has lessened so they can face the terror that was visited upon them.

  • mulletkitty

    @NMV: total pedoface.

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Anyone with any long term experience in the gay male world knows that pedophilia(defined as having sex with those who have not attained puberty) is basically non-existent. Sisters want big think hairy sizemeat.

    BTW, no judge in the Netherlands or anywhere else in Continental Europe is likely to be interested in any case where both parties are at least 12 and no physical force was used.

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Our husband has enormous uncut sizemeat with humungous low-hangers and he wants to corn-hole us!

  • declanto

    @Mrs Patrick Campbell: Oh, by all means satisfy his filthy lusts! And did you really say “corn-hole???? Hilarious! I haven’t heard that in Years.

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Does anyone wonder why there is none of this ‘abuse’ (of teen-aged ‘children’ LOL) caca in Italy, France or Spain?

    Because it would get laughed right out of the courtroom!

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    That’s right, Miss Declanto and the best part is that everything is totally ‘au naturel’ – because rubbers are FORBIDDEN in our house!

  • declanto

    @Mrs Patrick Campbell: That’s MADAME DeClanto, thank you very much.

  • peteNsfo

    from the BBC:

    “the archdiocese had co-operated with police throughout the inquiry and had “robust safeguarding policies” as part of its commitment to the safety and protection of children and vulnerable people.”

    By vulnerable people, I suppose he means, guilty priests and Khurch Hierarchy… I’ll bet they were ‘safeguarded’

    Same shyte, different day.

    btw, the victims were all under the age of 16 at the time of the abuse.

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    “”under the age of 16″” most people are not only sexually mature but also sexually active by the time they are 14. And do you know any little queen who is not capable of saying “no” if not interested.

    This whole thing is a scam to transfer the a$$ets of the catholic church to the pockets of lawyers and politicians.

    Follow the money trail—–it always leads to the truth.

  • CW

    Hot mess.

  • declanto

    @Mrs Patrick Campbell: Truth is, the trail leads straight to the filthy perverts sheltering in the loving arms of ALL organised religions.

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Last night our husband forced us to ‘orally service’ his enormous uncut sizemeat(though we were not in the mood for that) and after that he sat on our face!

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    You sound like a fish, Declanto!

    Are you in fact a fish?

  • declanto

    @Mrs Patrick Campbell: yeah, a barracuda. Whereas, you sound more like a carp, Missus.

  • declanto

    Or maybe I should say “carps”, since you seem to suffer from multiple personalities (“we” this and “we” that). Or is that a royal “we” prerogative, as in Queenspeak?

  • Pete

    Yep…this is what happens when you let gays get near kids. Its a PROVEN fact that 90% of homosexuals have extreme pedophilic tendencies. Decadent anciente Greece and Rome certainly proves this too…

  • tonyd

    Sorry, but he looks exactly how I picture the Queerty complainer, first to post, “the model isn’t showing enough skin/is too fat/old..” or just leads a bitter life in general.

  • tallskin2

    @Pete -“Yep…this is what happens when you let gays get near kids. Its a PROVEN fact that 90% of homosexuals have extreme pedophilic tendencies.”

    It is a proven fact is it, Pete? Is this ‘proven’ in the same way that it is ‘proven’ that evolution didn’t happen and that some sky pixie created the world 6,000 years ago?

    Would you care to provide evidence?

    First of all can you learn to spell, because you’ve obviously written your comment whilst very overexcited and your monkey paws have not hit the keys in the right order. So, you need to do some practice on that. Or possibly it’s that you’ve been drooling whilst writing and that’s caused the spelling mishaps due to unfortunate electrical shorting out.

    Or it could be that you are an illiterate nitwit who simply cannot spell.

    As far as I understand the evidence, and we are dealing with evidence here Pete, aren’t we? The evidence shows that most child abuse is of little girls by family members, usually red blooded heterosexual uncles, brothers and fathers, but also by female family members. And, of course, by catholic priests.

    And, it’s the same for sexual abuse of little boys, invariably this is carried out by male and female family members. Or, by Catholic priests.

    As for the ancient greek references. Well, you obviously need to go back to a book, Pete, and do some reading. (Can you read?) In ancient greece it was the custom for older teenage boys to tutor younger teenage boys in the arts of war, of being a good citizen. And yes, this involved sex as part of the package. But the whole was intended to create a sense of lifelong solidarity between the members of the city ruling class, from different families.

    Now look Pete, in future before you come and bother good people with your bigoted and badly educated nonsense I would suggest you check with your nurse and ensure your medication is at full strength. Ok?

  • Michael

    He didn’t get that nose by telling lies. That’s the face of a bad alcoholic.

  • declanto

    I suspect Mrs. Campbell is sexually excited by his visage.

  • Pete

    “In ancient greece it was the custom for older teenage boys to tutor younger teenage boys in the arts of war, of being a good citizen. And yes, this involved sex as part of the package. But the whole was intended to create a sense of lifelong solidarity between the members of the city ruling class, from different families.”

    LOL! Dont alter History to suit your needs. Ancient Greece was a pioneering, free and peaceful civilization. When you homos managed to control it, it became a decadent, disfunctional warmongering civilization that engaged in PEDOPHILIA and severe repression of females and feminine-homosexuals.

    Speaking of History, butch-homosexuals, repression of females and feminine-homos…its funny how you gays “forget” to mention Ernst Rohm (Hitler´s mentor) and the Brown Shirts who were notorious for their violence, savagery, sexual depravity, pedestry tendencies and hatred of woman and feminine-fags…

  • Pete

    PS – “art of war”?!?! LOL! speaking like a true butch…lol

    You love watching military parades butch-boy? All that manliness and virility and phalic looking missiles and canons must drive you nuts right butch-boy? “art of war”…lol…loser…

  • tallskin2

    @Pete –

    Hey, I am still waiting for your evidence for your “PROVEN fact that 90% of homosexuals have extreme pedophilic tendencies.”

    Do you have any?

  • Aaron

    Pete, you sound like a conservative guy who is proud of greco-roman civilization but is personally bothered about the fact that homosexuality was common in these cultures. So you come up with the idea that these guys were great until “the gays” took over. Convenient and Ridiculous.

    I’m afraid you’ll just have to deal with the fact that the Greeks and Romans had different attitudes towards sex that you do.

    As far as Ernst Rohm goes, maybe he was an evil bastard-so what? He’s ONE person! Homosexuality is “bad” because of him?

  • Soupy

    Pete is typing while wearing a fashionably frilly dress with cap sleeves and his special “naughty girl” panties. If you look at his patent leather mary janes, you can see up his dress.

  • Pete

    Convenient and ridiculous is claiming Greece and Rome was gay or tolerant of gays from the beginning…Talk about convenient huh?

    Rohm? One? LOL! He was Hitler´s mentor and the nº1 in the Nazi hierarchy for many years. His VIOLENT, WOMAN-AND-FEMININE-HOMOSEXUALS-HATING, FACIST, Brown Shirts was homosexual from head to toes. With this in mind the true nature of national-socialism comes to life…the only one that wasnt gay in the nazi leadership was Goebbels and even him was “recruited” because of peer-pressure. BTW…George W. Bush Yale´s secret society (Skull and Bones) played a HUGE role both in the making and financing of National-Socialism and the build up of the German military-industrial complex, Fritz Thiessen was nothing but an employee of Avril Harriman and a certain guy called Prescott Bush…lol…but thats another story…

  • declanto

    Pete! Wipe the foam off your cake hole and reread your history. Alexander the Greek homo conquered the known world.

  • geoff

    @Mrs Patrick Campbell: It is now 10 months after the trial,I have just found your comment.Shame on you,you cannot be further from the truth.I was 11 years old when this so called priest,raped me,50 years ago.I hope,and prey,your children are never abused,in my case,the scars have lasted 51 years,and show no signs of going away.Shame on you.

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