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Guinness Tells Beer Drinkers How To Not Look Gay This St. Patrick’s Day

Foster’s says it was spoofing homophobia, not endorsing it. Miller Lite was riffing on gender stereotypes. And Guinness? Well, it just proves that the only creativity beer makers’ ad agencies have left is to exploit some weird insecurities their target demographic harbors. In this St. Patrick’s Day “man hung” spot, Guinness explains how men can have the appropriate level of intimacy with another dude without looking all faggy. Keep enough distance. Don’t nuzzle a man’s hair. And then find a lady while uttering “no homo” under your stank breath.

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  • QuestionAll

    Guinness once made the cutest ad showing a male couple at home. You can look it up on YouTube ( type in “Guinness” “gay” ). But their research showed it was just a little TOO progressive for the Guinness institution, so they had to scrap it. Either way, Ireland’s homo-acceptance is growing by leaps and bounds every year, which is cool.

  • David

    Guinness is brewed in Ireland. However it is owned by British multinational Diageo (who also own Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Captain Morgan, Seagrams etc). Diageo also own Red Stripe lager – the Jamaican brewed beer. It got into hot water some years ago from gay groups because of its sponsorship of a Jamaican music festival which featured homophobic dancehall acts.

  • JAW


  • Francis

    I’m finding it hard to be offended, as this commercial was incredibly stupid.

  • lizcivious

    Why do beer and ale ads have to be so straight-male centric anyway? I and plenty of other females drink just as much of it as men. I’ve seen lots of straight men guzzling down “lite” beer after beer, which just tastes like bubbly water to me, while I’m drinking some dark ale. Why should something you drink or eat be so gender-specific?

  • McMike

    You guys are pushing it a bit too much. The Fosters ad was offensive but this fits under the “Whatever” category, IMO. It’s kinda “cute”, especially when they two men are rubbing all each other and I just found it playing more to the guys who drink dark ale beers.

    What I find amusing about it, though, is I’d bet the farm both of those actors are homosexuals.

  • Francis

    Lizcivious, you’re totally right. But it’s a cultural issue more than anything. Beer drinker=rowdy straight guy, football watcher, likely douchebag. Honestly straight men should be upset for being portrayed as essentially idiots.

  • Mark from Queensland

    rather silly and inane

  • Joseph

    Believe it or not that is how a man hug gose down in Ireland lol

  • Fitz

    Again, congrats to queerty for finding a way to be offended at something. It must make life so warm and fuzzy, and must make you so happy to have this magical power to be offended at every turn.

  • alan brickman

    stupid commercial…but with gays accusing straight guys of being secretly gay by all their actions..what else would you expect?

  • Tommy Marx

    OK, I’m probably the biggest hypocrite in the world, but that ad irritated me. I actually liked the Fosters ad, but this one just seems illogical. If you’re so scared that hugging a guy is going to make you gay, then don’t fucking hug a guy.

    It reminds me of the old joke: What is the difference between a straight Marine and a gay one?

    A six-pack.

  • Kev C

    If you our drink beer, you may want to have sex with men. Here’s some handy tips to prevent that from happening.

  • Patrick

    @Fitz: Agreed, I’m not sure where homosexuality was mentioned in this ad. It’s male stereotypical bahavior, that’s it, stop trying to make it into a gay issue.

  • Kieran

    I’m convinced that advertising schools have been teaching that in order to get the attention of viewers today you have to make your commercials loud, stupid and annoying.

  • QuestionAll

    Kieran : Advertising, period, has gotten horrible I agree. Even in the U.S. they’ve taken classy icons like Mr. Peanut and make them act like horrible obnoxious snots in their latest ads. I’m wondering if they know just what they’re doing? Make a commercial annoyingly stupid, and it will catch the attention and still put the product in your head. Didn’t those awful Mentos commercials increase Mentos sales like five times over?

  • QuestionAll

    OR, this ad could have been written by one of those vicious Anglophile gay ad execs who figured he’d insult both the Irish and heterosexuals in one swoop. (LOL, I know..that’s a little TOO paranoid).

  • James P.

    Considering how the company who owns Guinness has done more for gay rights and gay partners than this website has… I would suggest taking a step back on this one.

  • QuestionAll

    Have they, James P. ? I believe you, but I honestly didn’t know that. Glad to hear it though.

  • TheRealAdam

    What everyone defending this ad and the Fosters ad fail to realize is that it is establishing that something is wrong with homosexuality, showing two men uncomfortable and damn near hostile to male-male affection because they are afraid of appearing gay.

    If that isn’t homophobic and anti-gay, I don’t know what is.

  • QuestionAll

    TheRealAdam : Don’t you think, though, it might really be goofing on some straight male hangups about the gay subject, rather than goofing directly on homosexuality?

  • TheRealAdam

    @QuestionAll: No, it’s not. It’s affirming those hangups. Gays are thrown under the bus.

  • Jeffree

    @TheRealAdam: Let us know when you find a beer ad you approve of — so we have a better idea of what meets your standards.

    If, like me, you’re not a beer drinker, pick any other ad at all. So far everything disgusts you & throws you into a dysphoric mania. Does anything in the world make you laugh other than us idiots?

  • QuestionAll

    TheRealAdam : I don’t think I see it that way, but I’m guessing others feel like you do about that ad. I guess that’s the main debate here.

  • Ryan

    I honestly don’t know how some gay people make it through the day. Their desperation to find offense at everything possible must be very taxing.

  • Ryan

    The Real Adam:

    You’re right. You don’t know what homophobia is.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Ryan: Thanks for clearing that up (for you, at least).

    @QuestionAll: There’s no two ways to see this. These ads are aimed at straight men, and they are ridiculing the appearance of male homosexuality. There are no ads like this for straight women.

    The ads are homophobic. Period. They are and always will be.

  • Riker

    @TheRealAdam: Of course there are two ways to see it. You see it one way, and other people see it another way. Q.E.D.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Riker: Exactly. And everyone else just happens to be wrong.

  • LukeJoe

    Eh, at least it’s encouraging intimacy.

  • Ryan

    Adam, you’re either a troll or one of the most narcissistic and arrogant people on the internet. This commercial isn’t about you. Most straight guys don’t give a fig about you. This is just mocking straight guys and their fear of physical intimacy.

  • hot

    The guy man-hugging on the right had a hot bubble butt.

  • David

    This is not about gays. Calm down everyone, back to your lives. I behave similar to this with my straight guy mates. Stop letting gay rule your world. I came out at 14, and promptly…got on with my life. You should too!

  • David

    @Ryan: I agree. I think it is particular to some countries more than others. I work with lots of gay people and straight people and I can’t tell any of them apart until the Christmas party.

  • David

    @Francis: Um, so all people who like football are douchebags. I am afraid my mother and grandmother (a titled quaker from Scotland) were not douchebags.

  • jason

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this ad was made by a gay guy. Gay guys in corporations are known to be Uncle Toms. They will do what the big hetero bosses tell them to.

  • David

    @jason I bet you are miserable company.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Ryan: Whatever you say, RyRy. I’m just glad you’ve somehow made it out from under your rock to comment on this article yet again.

  • Rocky


  • Phil

    I don’t believe the ad mentioned homosexuality. Surprise surprise, straight men don’t like getting too close to other straight men. Shocking.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Phil: Horse poo! A big, stinking pile of horse poo!

    Who taught straight men (and gay men, for that matter) that it isn’t OK to get close to each other? Society and it’s rotten, disgusting homophobia aimed at men. This ad simply capitalizes off that homophobia.

    You are speaking in absolutes about straight men and that is simply not true.

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