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This gun-loving GOP lawmaker’s weird obsession with drag queens is getting out of control

Political nobody Bryan Slaton has finally gotten a crumb of attention for his insane proposal to ban drag from minors, and now he plans to ride those sequined coattails all the way to the top.

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A quick scroll of his Twitter feed will show that drag is nearly the only thing Slaton has talked about since releasing his proposal. Just weeks after the shooting of 38 people and murder of 17 children in Uvalde, Texas–the state Slaton legislates for–this gun-loving clown has decided to shift his entire focus to drag performers.

One of the funniest parts is that Slaton and his ilk can’t actually find the instances of sexualization from queens that they’re railing against. They’ve done everything from condemning musical chairs to lying about a woman in a burlesque club being a drag queen, but that’s the best they can do.

Check out this clip being called “disgusting” and “provocative” of a fully clothed kid dancing in a way that only a wack-job would read as provocative:

Admittedly, the drag crusade hasn’t been his sole focus. Between the tweets calling drag performers “perverted”, “sick”, and “groomers” is a video he retweeted of teenage murderer Kyle Rittenhouse firing off what looks like well over 100 bullets in about five seconds with the caption “Come and take ‘em, Joe.” After Uvalde. Who’s really sick here?

All that said, it’s heartening to know that the queens will not be taking all this slander without a fight…

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