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tim gunn

You know our love for all things Project Runway has got us counting the days until next Wednesday’s season finale. Sure we love us some Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, but its Tim Gunn that’s warmed our hearts. Maybe it’s the voice or the buttoned-up look, we don’t really know, but he’s our favorite silver fox(besides the Coop, of course.) Out talks with our favorite Parson’s School of Design den mother. And guess what? He’s single.

This guy who I loved more than myself had been sleeping around… it was awful. More awful was his out and out rejection of me, saying, “I don’t have the patience for you. I’m tired of you. Get lost.” And I haven’t been in a relationship since. And I’ve run from a couple of opportunities. I keep revisiting this “new soul” thing and I think, It’s not gonna happen in this lifetime. It’s not meant to be.

Maybe Tim just hasn’t met the right guy yet. The article goes on to suggest he should think about dating Andrae, but we think a Tim Gunn/ Michael Kors pairing would be, er, fitting. Next time you see the man on the streets of Manhattan suggest the two get together, will ya’? Just don’t mention the name Zulema!

Project Runway’s Big Gunn: Part Two