Close encounters

Why is Gus Kenworthy communing with the dead?

As any regular reader of Queerty knows, we kinda sorta have a little thing for Gus Kenworthy right now. Ok, not so little. But bae is is doing the media rounds, and that can get risky.

In a new episode of Hollywood Medium, Gus sits down with 22-year-old “clairvoyant medium” Tyler Henry to connect with the Olympian’s childhood best friend, Hoot, who died tragically when he was just 16; Gus was 14.

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During the reading, Gus breaks down crying as Tyler provides him with information nobody but those closest to him could possibly know, including Hoot’s love of owls and the fact that Gus nearly gave up skiing after Hoot’s passing.

“There’s no way he could have known certain details,” Gus says in a post-reading interview. “It was just things that, I don’t know. I don’t know if someone could have picked up on them without having that gift.”



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