Role play

Gus Kenworthy gets candid about his years in the closet

For reasons that escape us, out actor/Olympian Gus Kenworthy has been on the receiving end of criticism after it was announced his role in the new American Horry Story anthology would be…wait for it…straight.

We hope you didn’t faint.

The upcoming series, titled American Horry Story: 1984, looks properly creepy. But one thing we don’t find creepy is Kenworthy playing a straight character. Do we even need to say that?

In an essay published by ESPN, Kenworthy said:

“When Ryan [Murphy] announced he’d hired me to play Emma’s boyfriend, he and I both received a lot of negative comments online.

“Some people wanted to know how I was cast as a straight man or if I could play straight. Is that even a question?

“I spent the first 23 years of my life playing a straight man.”

“Every gay man has the experience at some point in his life of pretending to be someone he’s not.

“I knew as a teenager that I was gay, yet I was still sleeping with girls, pretending to be straight, playing this persona I thought I needed to be for my sport.

“The stakes were so high. I remember going to crazy lengths to make people believe I was someone I was not. That’s acting.”

He added:

“Maybe this sounds unfair, but I feel like it’s much more OK for a gay man to play a straight role than vice versa.

“Most characters are straight. Most shows are about straight people and straight lives and straight dynamics, and if there is a gay character on the show, it’s usually a sidekick.

“Allowing a gay person to play that character does a lot in terms of visibility and breaking down perceptions and stereotypes.”

Watch the American Horror Story Season 9 Trailer below: