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Gus Kenworthy, Hayley Kiyoko and others tease something that “tastes so good”

The 'Tastes So Good' video by Cann
The ‘Tastes So Good’ video by Cann (Photo: YouTube)

Gus Kenworthy, Hayley Kiyoko, Patricia Arquette and VINCINT are among the stars in a new commercial for cannabis-infused seltzer company, Cann.

The advert is in the form of a music video for a track called ‘Tastes So Good’, which is actually something of a summer banger.

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“Taste So Good” (The Cann Song) is a rallying cry to not only say ‘gay,’ but scream it from the rooftops. It’s an anthem to celebrate our differences — because a little different #Cann taste so good,” says a statement from the gay-owned drinks company (which is only available in certain states to those over 21).

The music and song are by Leland, with vocals by Hayley Kiyoko, VINCINT, MNEK and “special guest” Kesha.

Appearing in the video are Kenworthy, Kornbread, Willow Pill, VINCINT, Hayley Kiyoko, Kesha, Kerri Colby, Patricia Arquette, Jorgeous, and Sarah Michelle Gellar (yes, the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer plays the delivery driver at the beginning).

Gus Kenworthy and Kornbread
Kenworthy and Kornbread (Photo: YouTube)

Kenworthy exposes plenty of flesh and teases fans with an eye-catching bulge beneath his bedsheets [spoiler: it’s just a can of Cann!]. On his Instagram, the Olympian said he was proud to be part of a campaign that brings together “trailblazing LGBTQ+ artists, advocates & allies for an iconic music video.”

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