mea culpa

Gus Kenworthy Issues Apology For Controversial Native American-Themed Costume

Kenworthy-copy-500x297Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy — who came out just last month — has apologized for a photograph he posted on Instagram featuring him dressed as a Native American chief for Halloween.

Initially, he wrote that “for everyone giving me grief, I don’t really understand why this is racist or cultural appropriation.. it’s Halloween! Just having fun! :)”

However, the Instagarm hordes weren’t satisfied with his statement, and their unremitting gush of negative commentary led Kenworthy to delete the photo and officially apologize:

“Didn’t realize I was being offensive & didn’t mean to marginalize or appropriate Native American culture. Sorry! Pic deleted.”

Here’s a photograph of his costume. Do you find it offensive, or are people being oversensitive?


Here’s a much less questionable costume. We like this one better.

H/t: LGBTQ Nation