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Gus Kenworthy posts a message of support to Colton Underwood: “Love you”

Gus Kenworthy and (inset) Colton Underwood
Gus Kenworthy and (inset) Colton Underwood (Photos’ Shutterstock/abc)

Olympian Gus Kenworthy has posted a message of support to Colton Underwood… but not everyone appears to be feeling the same love.

Underwood, who shot to fame on The Bachelor and its spin-off shows, came out as gay on Wednesday morning via an interview with Good Morning America.

That same day, Variety broke the news that Underwood was already filming a documentary series for Netflix about accepting his sexuality. It’s understood the series will focus on his upbringing, his time as a professional football player, and coming to terms with his sexuality despite his conservative background.

Fellow athlete Gus Kenworthy is rumored to be “acting as a guide, of sorts” to Underwood on the show.

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Yesterday, Underwood posted a series of photos to his Instagram. Before this, his entire gallery had been deleted, presumably indicating he wanted to make a fresh start.

In his first, new posting, Underwood, 29, said, “I have a lot to learn, but I have come a long way. to the people in my corner, I love you. Without you, I wouldn’t be here.”


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Among the photos was one of him and Kenworthy together.

Kenworthy was one of thousands to comment. He said, “Love you and proud of you. Everybody is on their own journey and some are more difficult than others. Yours has not been the easiest nor has it been the hardest and you are doing your best which is the best you can do. Honored to be your friend.”

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Underwood’s posting has received thousands of likes and supportive comments.

However, for a celebrity coming-out story, Underwood has prompted a very mixed reaction this week. This seems to stem mainly from the fact Underwood found fame by seeking a wife on The Bachelor in 2019. He also went through a messy split with his former Bachelor contestant Cassie Randolph in May 2020.

In September, Randolph took out a restraining order against Underwood. The restraining order was lifted in November.

Underwood touched upon his relationship with Randolph during his GMA interview on Wednesday, saying, “I would like to say sorry for how things ended. I messed up. I made a lot of bad choices.”

This has led to criticism of Netflix appearing to have rewarded Underwood’s coming out with a documentary deal (although the streaming giant has yet to confirm any details about the show).

Yesterday we reported on Billy Eichner joking that Underwood would now be in line for a GLAAD award before he is.

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Also yesterday, Attitude magazine posted an image to its Instagram announcing that Gus Kenworthy would be Underwood’s “gay guide” on his Netflix show.


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Among those to comment was gay performer Adam Lambert. The Queen singer and American Idol legend simply said, “No one is feeling this Netflix.”

The news also met short shrift from another athlete: British rugby player Keegan Hirst. The player, who came out as gay in 2015, said, “Monetising coming out. Oh dear. Not a good look.”

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Although no one appears to begrudge Underwood living his truth, it looks like his forthcoming documentary continues to divide opinion.