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Gus Van Sant Cannot Escape the Angst


Have you been in Gus Van Sant withdrawal ever since Milk left theaters? Or, was it since the early 90s, when My Own Private Idaho captured your inner teen angst? (That’s us!) Then you’ll be pleased to hear the director selected his newest project. It is called Restless, and there are restless people in it. Cue teen angst! (Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.)

The screenplay, written by Jason Lew, leaked to the interwebs and reveals Van Sant, with a $15 million budget, is going all young love again. Movieline describes the film as “the most emo love story to ever don black lipstick and listen to The Smiths. Protagonist Enoch Brae is a 17-year-old funeral crasher, drawn to attending strangers’ memorials after losing both his parents. At one of them, he meets the beautiful, tomboyish Annabel Cotton, a 16-year-old with Six Months to Live. Love then blooms among the gravestones as ‘the moon looks on knowingly and sympathetically.'”

So what’s Mr. Brae’s character like?


Sounds like one of the kids straight out of Elephant. But less gay-y.