Guy describes what attraction feels like as a total top, fem top, and total bottom

After one Reddit user asked what sexual attraction to guys feels like in a recent thread on r/LGBT, another user practically gave a TED talk — detailing the physical sensations of total top, fem top, and total bottom energy.

“When I’m feeling full top, it’s the same with guys as it is with girls, I guess, their legs/ass/face turns me on and makes me fantasize what I’d like to do to them [or makes] me think of past times with them or other people,” the commenter began. “I want to caress and taste their soft skin, run my nails down them, pull their hair, and make them go crazy. It empowers me and brings out my confidence.”

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And when this guy is feeling like a “fem/romantic top”? “I’m more kissy and cuddly,” he explained. “I’m still a top but I’m way more interested in the intimacy, making my partner feel good, by kissing, [touching or massaging] them and just enjoying it all. Sometimes this goes really fem and turns a little lesbianic [sic] almost, like I’m acting like a bottom but I’m the one in the top position, as if they’re f*cking me with my d*ck.”

What about those bottom/power bottom times? “Seeing their c*ck or muscles makes me feel flustered, I get butterflies in my chest, and there’s a hunger instilled in me,” he wrote. “My mouth starts to water and [my] whole downstairs area starts to tingle … My knees and legs get kinda weak as well. Being bottom isn’t just about their looks though. [It’s] when they tower over you, put their hands on your hips. When you feel the size of their hips enveloping you or the power of them pounding their pelvis into you. When they spank and grope you. None of this is to do with their physical appearance but it gives you [a lot] of satisfaction in the same way.”

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And there’s no top or bottom stigma here! “Being top makes me feel confident, but being bottom makes me feel valid,” the Redditor concluded. “Being top is taking control and using the other person, being bottom is letting go and submitting yourself. They’re very different feelings that are both amazing in their own way.”

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