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Guy Who Got 29 Miley Cyrus Tattoos Has Sudden And Unfortunate Change Of Heart


Who knows what it was? News that she’s pregnant with Liam Hemworth’s baby? Deeper rumination on all that twerking? The bombshell revelation that she’s pansexual? New Petz?

Whatever the reason, one man who decided to get 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos all over his body has subsequently decided he does not, in fact, want 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos all over his body.

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42-year-old Carl McCoid is having second thoughts about those Miley tats. Second, third, fourth, and fifth thoughts. He thinks he maybe made an error in judgement. In fact, he’s not so keen on them since Miley said in interviews she thought they were “ugly.”

She thinks McCoid is a little bit creepy, too. And she once danced near Robin Thicke. Still, she blocked McCoid on Twitter because she found it all to be a bit much.

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McCoid tells the Daily Mail, “Right now I have 29 tattoos done and have spent £2,800. I never thought I would regret it. I’m only regretting them now, I never thought about it too much, but they have had a psychological affect on me.”

He started getting his Miley tattoos shortly after divorcing his wife, and soon enough, that number ramped up to 29. These things happen. Still, he’s optimistic. He hopes to find a new girlfriend as he goes through the laborious proceed of having all that ink painstakingly wiped from his body.

His lovely body art used to be available to peruse at @mileycyrustattoos on Instagram, but the account has sadly been shuttered, along with Liam’s hopes and dreams. He wants to begin the tattoo removal process as soon as possible. Maybe you can talk some sense into him.

Here’s a preview of how dire the situation is:


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