Selfie schtick

This guy just punk’d Kellyanne Conway so damn hard

Some chances only come once in a lifetime.

Meet Alfredo Pelicci, a Washington, D.C.-based lawyer who seized a very rare opportunity when he happened upon Kellyanne Conway and her bodyguard in the hallway at Lupo Verde restaurant.

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“I walked right up to her and asked her for a selfie,” he tells Buzzfeed

Conway happily obliged, but Pelicci didn’t take the promised selfie — he hit the record button instead.

“Say I’m ruining America!” he cried, smiling and posing beside the President’s advisor.

“You’re so brave! You should be happy!” a disgruntled Conway crowed.

Here’s how it all went down (click the speaker icon to turn on sound): 


Since posting the video Thursday, Pelicci has become something of a folk hero on Twitter: 

Funny indeed, but still not as funny as this.