Guy Ritchie Makes Nice With the Gays Be Singing Showtunes With ‘Em


Either Guy Ritchie really doesn’t hate the gays, or he’s only now getting around to scoring some homo-friendly press. Ex-Mr. Madonna stopped by Marie’s Crisis in New York City’s West Village — the first gay bar this editor ever went to, in fact — to belt out showtunes like “Tomorrow” and “Annie.” That totally dismisses all those allegations over-sharer Christopher Ciccone made about him, right?

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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  • Darth Paul

    Who cares what Christopher Famewhore Ciccone says? I’ve always liked Guy and always will.

  • Kurt

    Of course I was in Maries Crisis for the first time in a billion years and who did NOT show up but the ex Mr. Madonna. Sigh. I would have enjoyed his little orphan imitations.

  • alan brickman

    guy doesn’t hate gays…he married madonna for “christs’ sake…

  • mb00

    I agree with Alan. I don’t think Guy Ritchie hates gay people at all. And allot of the gays are hating on him because he divorced from their only reason to live. MADONNA!!!
    And personally, I don’t know if Madonna would have knowingly married a homophobe. She knows who butters her bread.

    As for her brother. What a PUTZ!!! I would never cash out on my sister. That’s so…desperate.

  • Stee

    I don’t think Guy hates us in the slightest, however, this was a great PR stunt to shun those rumors; one has to wonder if he’d have stopped by had the haters not been hating?

    PS Her bro seems like a real piece of work, what a home wrecking twit, Madonna can wreck her own home well enough, LOL.

  • Amanita

    If you watch RocknRolla, which I know most people in this country did not, it’s abundantly clear that Ritchie wants it to be known that he has indeed discovered that it is Okay To Be Gay. He is perhaps still in the earlier stages of his consciousness-raising on the subject, but he’s sort of adorably sincere about it.

  • michael

    First of all “hate” is a strong word. Just because someone does not always understand us or relate to us does not mean they hate us. Usually those who do hate us are those who actually do understand and relate to us, often times more than they want you to know. The opposite of love is not hate, loves true opposite is apathy. Hate and love are on the same continuim. I really don’t think Guy gives a shit and never really thought much about gay folks until he met Madonna anyway.

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