Guys Confess Just How Naughty Or Tame They Were At Pride


Pride is sort of like every holiday rolled into one. We dress up like its Halloween (though arguably there’s only one costume theme), we celebrate love like it’s Valentine’s day, the excitement is so high you’d think it was Christmas and we eat like it’s Thanksgiving.

Ha! Kidding — who eats during Pride?

Also just like Halloween, the veil is mighty thin. Anything can happen.

Below, guys turn to Whisper to share their Pride experiences — the good, the incredible and yes, the not-so-good too.

Happy Pride!

Participated in the Pride parade in my hometown today. Last year my anxiety wouldn

A man was preaching about sinners at the gay pride parade. I put my rainbow flag in his pocket and told him he needed it more than I did.

I didn

I had an amazing time at pride. I can

I kissed my boss at pride. Now I want to take it further but I haven

Gay Pride was fun this weekend...but I just felt so left out cause I saw all these happy gay males and their boyfriends and it just made me sad that Im still single! ??

Every year I think I

I saw my ex for the first time since our breakup at pride. I didn

I walked in the pride parade with my boyfriend. Apparently his parents were there protesting.

The best thing about going to pride was that while I was there I didn

I never dance in public because I

I loved all the attention I got at pride. Everyone was in love with each other... I wish guys were like that all the time

Went full on nude at pride today. It was so much fun.

I thought I would hookup with at least one guy at pride. Nope, just left with two pockets filled with condoms