Object lesson

Do you guys find this snowy, shirtless workout between two men slightly homoerotic?

Merriam-Webster defines “homoerotic” thus:

marked by, revealing, or portraying homosexual desire

But how do we — the verbose, the loquacious, the lexiconically and linguistically curious — differentiate images or stimuli that is merely “erotic” as opposed to, say, “homoerotic”?

Seeking answers, we trained our eye to the below video, posted by mysterious Facebook page “Powerlifting Motivation.”

 Our queries are in bold and supplemented by screenshots.

Is it homoerotic when one guy is doing squats in the snow, and then his friend grabs him from behind and rubs his groin against his buttocks? 

Is it safe to assume it’s “homoerotic” when said friend leaps onto his friend’s back, once again tenaciously positioning his groin against his workout buddy’s buttocks, clad as they are in a pair of black tights?

When two men perform squats side to side, each pressing their buttocks against the other for moral support, are we to say to ourselves, “That is really quite homoerotic,” nuzzling our noses into a steaming cup of hot cocoa with mini-marshmallows? 

Is it wild — is it insane — for us to watch one man burrow his crotch into the face of a friend benchpressing 40 pounds and say to ourselves, “Th-That is ero… That is homoerotic…”?

Does it make it doubly homoerotic when some guy runs up and burrows his face into the benchpress guy’s crotch; the benchpress guy whose face is still engulfed in some other guy’s crotch?

What are we to call it when two men tug at resistance cords while one squats snugly against the other’s crotch?

Homophobic? No, dear. This is quintessentially homoerotic.

Just… Jesus.

Watch the arguably homoerotic segment below:

Twisted snow

Tag your spotter ..???????

Posted by Powerlifting Motivation on Tuesday, December 26, 2017

h/t: Towleroad