These Guys Are Gay And Voting For Donald Trump


It goes without saying that a person’s sexuality does not fully define them as person, and doesn’t lock their political leanings in any one certain way.

However, to most rational people it’s tough to fathom why any gay person would support Donald Trump, and the antigay Republican party he represents, in the race to the White House.

But there are plenty of gay Trump supporters out there, and whatever you want to call it — ill-informed, xenophobic, isolationist — they actually want to see a man like Donald Trump lead our country.

Below, we hear from guys on Whisper who are unafraid to make their beliefs be known:


As a gay man I need to be honest and Donald Trump is the answer to our country

As a gay and homosexual black man I

I just got asked why I


I am a gay Trump supporter and no matter what anyone says if you look at the facts he is the only candidate who truly cares about the LGBT community.




Gay, atheist and a trump supporter. It


As a gay man the only presidential candidate I can support fully is Donald Trump


Yes I am gay. Yes I support Trump. I refuse to support a criminal or a socialist.

As a gay Black man, all Of my friends hate that I support Trump!

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  • joeyty

    What’s with the Trump half-drag pic ? Is that saying all gays are into drag ? Or drag is a bad thing ? Or….guys in drag are necessarily gay?

  • Mo Bro

    I’m bi and am voting for Trump because he’ll reverse the damage done by Obama’s anti-American rampage, he’ll bring down taxes, and it would prevent a Hillary Clinton presidency.

  • Kieran

    @joeyty: That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the picture. Queerty is heavily into the gay stereotypes apparently.

  • Kieran

    Apparently, queerty sees dressing Trump in drag is a way of mocking and humiliating him in the standard “tolerant” liberal fashion.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    I’m sure most gays are supporting Donald Trump because of Islam, but they’s no mention of it here. They just mock them. I’m not voting for Trump or Clinton (or any person) this election, just proposals. And, most likely the same in 2020. But, lets be honest, most gays who are not supporting a Democrat is because Dems are so infiltrated and controlled by Muslims. I will wait for a Democrat who stands up to Islam. If that person never comes, then I will never vote for people ever again.

  • aequalitasTN

    @Baba Booey Fafa Fooey: I will honestly never understand why anyone believes that Democrats do not stand up to terrorism or religious rule, from ANY religion, simply because they refuse to call something by Republican-designated terminologies. I see no evidence of such, and if anyone can counter me, with REAL reasons, not “failure to close down refugee immigration,” since that is a red herring, or anything of the like, I would love to hear it. I think the point of the party has been that these people do not represent a majority of Muslims in their way of thinking and actions, just like the KKK, the self proclaimed defenders of “true Christianity” do not represent the majority views of Christians.

    As for religious rule, the religious right in this country are a far more dangerous and pressing concern presently, not that Sharia law is not a true threat, it’s just not logically a substantial threat presently. A Christian theocracy is a real concern, however, given the caliber of jurist that Trump wants to appoint to the bench. Everything we have won in the last 20 years depends on maintaining the courts, especially when it comes to the south. The people he wants to appoint, like William Prior for example, would allow religious rule at the state level under the guise of federalism when, in fact, it is nothing more than religious doctrine enshrined in law (i.e.-marriage amendments, “religious freedom” laws, etc). Let’s not forget that these victories were hard fought close calls, and that the high court can reverse itself anytime. Lawrence v. Texas was 6-3, US v. Windsor 5-4, Obergerfell v. Hodges was 5-4, even Romer v. Evans, a clearly unconstitutional denial of just POTENTIAL equal protection, was a 6-3 vote.

    Trump is seriously too dangerous to risk. Maybe Hillary is not the best choice in some people’s minds (I happen to think she is, but that is beside the point), but she is still far better than Trump any day of the week, a fact he has clearly proven over the last several months. I mean, it is seriously one thing to play to the base in the primaries, but he has these religious right nut cases advising him now. You cannot get much more pathetic than that.

  • joeyty

    @Baba Booey Fafa Fooey: Definitely. I really believe if Hillary is elected we’ll see more Pulse-style massacres. I don’t love everything about Trump, but at least he can honestly call out Muslim homophobia.

  • joeyty

    @aequalitasTN: Some of your arguments are fair and worthy of consideration (FINALLY…I get fair arguments from someone on the other side).

  • Kangol

    @aequalitasTN: Thank you, beautifully argued. One point to add is that most of the gay people who will vote for Trump are white homonationalist gay men who are willing to look past white Christian and conservative homophobes, the main people behind 40 years of openly anti-gay laws in the US, Proposition 8, DADT, attempts to destroy same-sex marriage, etc. They are also willing to look past Trump’s other grave problems (a long history of business failure, repeated violations of US law, a child-rape allegation, [email protected] and misogyny, pathological lying, etc.), just as they were George W. Bush’s, and it was under Bush that we had the worst foreign terrorist attack on US soil, by radical Islamists. It’s like 2000 all over again. Trump has zero policies for defeating radical Islam either in the US or overseas, openly admires a foreign white homophobe (Putin), and is running with a notorious Christian domestic homophobe (Mike Pence), but so long as he identifies a dangerous non-white Other overseas, that’s what matters most to them.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    @aequalitasTN: @joeyty: Very true both of you. For me, Democrats are far too Muslim and Republicans are far too Christian and as a gay person that’s too dangerous. Third party candidates – I don’t know what they do. I would be hard pressed to see an anti-Islamic Democrat because Muslims donate obscene amounts of money to Democrats. Democrats are an easy vehicle to spread Islam propaganda through because Democrats are passive and weak. They are too afraid of being scene as un-PC and “r-cist” so they are perfect to use. Neither party is good for gay people and by 2024, my guess is that 50% of gays will have awakened up to the fact that Democrats have abandoned them.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    @Kieran: @joeyty: I thought it was just a reference to this week’s notorious “New Yorker” cover with Trump in a beauty pageant, which has made a LOT of news.

  • Dave084

    I naively thought that gay people were too smart to drink Trump’s kool-aid. How wrong I was. The idea that anyone thinks Trump can fix anything or that he gives a rat’s ass about LGBT people is totally insane. I hope there are enough of us with a functioning brain to save the world from the Trumpbots. Be they straight or gay. They’re equally nuts.

  • Ukin Blome

    As I have said before, Gay Trump supporters are losers and they keep proving me right.

  • Chris

    I would think these are jokes except that I’ve seen some Trump bumper stickers while visiting some leather and country western bars in the gayborhood. Gads!

  • Rocinante

    I can understand the angst around our choices this cycle. If you put human rights above all other issues the choice is clear, Democrats. However if that issue gets pushed down below jobs, the death of the middle class and the general complicity of the old world politicians with corporate America, surprisingly Trump looks more interesting. The problem becomes really clear about Trumps ability to actually do anything about these real issues, as he has never provided a detailed plan, he’s a sound bite candidate. The most shallow candidate in my 49 years. I will be voting for Hillary and I believe the Good well meaning Hillary that had ideals in the 60s and 70s will show up as Madam President.

    I hope all of this poll non-sense is off, because a Trump presidency is spooky when you look at the totatity of his positions and temperament. Trump is a prick and no matter how much you want a change away from the status quo, he isn’t the guy. Reminds me of that slimy character, Martin Sheen played, in the “Dead Zone”.

  • lacrosse72

    This article makes me sick. These people, gay or not, know nothing about history or politics. This is no different than if black people were supporting the Ku Lux Klan.

  • cctv

    Gays are so broken and stupid. Who is surprised they would vote for trump? They deserve what they get when an autoritarian backed in part by Christian extremists gets elected.

  • aequalitasTN

    @Kangol: Well stated and great points! The real question is whether this will play out like the 2000 election cycle, or if we have learned from our (collective) mistake as a country.

  • Blackceo

    Let me fix this article for you. These White guys are gay and are voting for Donald Trump because gay men of color can’t afford a Trump Presidency.

  • Frank

    Posts like this is even MORE reason why ALL members of this nation need to get out and VOTE

  • Brian

    Hillary Clinton comes across as anti-male and anti-male homosexual desire. Many Left-Wing women are like this. They see male homosexual desire as a threat to girl power.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @aequalitasTN: “As for religious rule, the religious right in this country are a far more dangerous and pressing concern presently, not that Sharia law is not a true threat, it’s just not logically a substantial threat presently.”

    If one were to look closely at the different sects in Judaism, Islam and Christianity they will see there was and still is no unity amongst them (religions). The break between Sunni and Shiite was about who was going to be in charge after the death of the Caliph. Presently in Judaism there are so many returning tribes in Israel at present one needs a road map to keep up with it. And lets not go into Christianity with its many sect LDS, Mennonites, Episcopalians…etc.

    It is time for the word to be spread throughout the world that the “word of god” is coming from the mouth of MAN.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Sharia Law is a threat only if we let ReBiblicans set dangerous precedence with their particular God. This election and the Supreme Court Justices planted on the bench will test our nation’s resolve. We must vote Democrat and point out voting suppression when it crops up. Separation of Church and State protects us from any other religion that comes along. What fools these mortals be.

  • michaelknebel

    These people are obviously self hating and delusional. Pity.

  • GC1985

    Did queerty post this wanting a flame war?

    I’m not going to entertain the little brownshirts on here about their delusions.

    @Brian: WTF is “male homosexual desire”? Again with this… Hillary is more pro-LGBT than anyone else (look at her speech to the UN in 2011). Donald Trump is anti-gay, anti-social and delusional. He’s psychotic.

  • GC1985

    @aequalitasTN: I believe with Trump we will have major bloodshed in this country and gays will be targeted by gun toting maniacs that support Trump. The same ones that attack pro-choice clinics.

    @Kieran: It’s a freaking joke.

    Here are some problems with Trump for the brownshirts:

    1) He is a lousy businessman – This is a man that amounted major losses and shows little responsibility to anyone except himself. He spouted lies to his shareholders while ripping them off. He literally bankrupted other businesses by refusing to pay them. He did that by declaring asset bankruptcy (related to his businesses). He refused to pay contractors and then declared bankruptcy. This is someone of no moral fiber.

    2) He’s a xenophobe and [email protected] – This one is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. He’s been one ever since before he made this run. Many people who worked for him that were minorities found him insufferable.

    3) He’s mentally unstable – This is a man who allows anyone to get under his skin. Hillary planted multiple traps against him in the debate and he took the bait every single time. Thank goodness, Hillary has bounced upwards in many key swing state polling data, and it looks as if that trend will continue. Anyways back to my main point… this is a man who tells people to physically attack protesters, to employ violence against Hillary Clinton not once but several times (which the Secret Service launched an inquiry), verbally attacked people with disabilities and insulted those from different countries.

    4) This is a man who lacks clear policy directives. THis is a man who says one thing to simply appeal to the ears of the naive and misinformed. He has no real specifics on how he will accomplish anything. It is one thing saying something, but something entirely different when implementing that thought.

    5) He possibly suffers from the early onset of dementia and Alzhemiers. His father suffered from ALzhemiers, and that is often genetic. His father is one who suffered from the ailment and ultimately died from complications possibly related to it. He is someone who is incapable of completing thoughts and sentences.

    So the question is this… is this man you want in charge? Are you really going to buy into the snake oil he is selling? Or are you going to use your little brain and understand he’s not looking for your best interest at all?

  • GC1985

    @Kieran: You’re so pathetic on every level, you can’t even address as to why your man Trump is acting like a psychotic a-hole who verbally attacks women at 3AM? Oh wait… you made up your mind many months ago.

    Hillary hasn’t committed any sort of crime and is perhaps one of the most honest candidates out there (according to politifact). Trump is a man whose shady real estate dealings and financial fraud involving Trump University may result in a RICO indictment.

    You know what you’re not hearing about? The New York Attorney General’s Office has launched an official inquiry into Donald Trump quite some time ago. They are gathering evidence on his illicit and highly illegal business dealings. The potential bribery of several public officials (including Pam Bondi) may result in federal charges.

    Keep drinking the kool-aid, TRUMPETTES!

  • GC1985

    @aequalitasTN: Baba Boo Boo is a lying liar.

    Obama has countered immigration quite well. Deportations are sharply up during his administration. More than the previous two Presidencies combined. Is this a good thing? I don’t know. Very few refugees have entered the US and it often takes 18 months to even receive legal status in this country to remain here.

    Daesh has been countered strongly and has seen sharp reversals of its territorial holdings.

    @Rocinante: The thing is republicans are terrible for the economy and jobs. And Donald Trump is a disgustingly awful businessman. Look at his leaked tax return. Good god… if he ran this country as badly as his businesses, we’ll be looking at another 1929 twenty times worse.

    Anyways, Hillary has a huge edge when it comes to the economy now. She actually has a sound economic plan… though implementing it will be difficult if democrats don’t win the Congress too.

    Gays supporting Trump. Jews supporting Hitler. Same damn thing.

  • GC1985

    @Mo Bro:

    You’re stupid then.

    Republicans are what caused Daesh to be created. Republicans left us the mess . And before anybody says anything about Obama and Iraq… Al Maliki didn’t want us there and we withdrew. That was the correct decision. Nouri Al-Maliki is one of Bush’s friends… and is a sectarian who caused the entire region to disintegrate. He was a brutal vicious leader and he used the military forces to basically torture Sunnis. This is what allowed Daesh to be created. And Trump has absolutely no plan on how to fix that region, except by invading and dropping bombs. If anybody could make this country more unsafe it’s Donald Trump.

    If you’re going to spout off about some dumb BS about how democrats are “pro-Islam terror” and will see more “Pulse shootings” happen… get your f-king facts right for once.

    By the way, you Trumpettes better be worried about recent polling. Hillary has taken a strong lead over Trump in key issues like the economy and terrorism. Double digit leads in fact. People trust her more to deal with terrorism than Trump. Why?

    More and more are seeing through his bullsh*t.

  • Brian

    Donald Trump is not anti-male homosexual desire (anti-MHD). Although he is sexually attracted to women, has anybody ever asked him if he’s also sexually attracted to men?

    If not, why not? Is the Left afraid of the answer?

    As far as Hillary is concerned, I don’t doubt that she claims to be pro-GBTL. No doubt at all. However, that is NOT the same as being pro-MHD.

    Women are terrified of MHD.

  • GC1985

    @Brian: Donald Trump would cause terrorist attacks to increase exponentially and he would destroy any kind of relations we have with allies. Donald Trump has directly antagonized gay people multiple times as he has sided with the religious right. Your lies and bullsh*t have gone on long enough. Donald Trump is an anti-gay bigot and his words have backfired.

    Donald Trump words have been used multiple times in terrorist propaganda videos. He is a extreme national security risk and he has no business being in the White House, let alone anywhere near Washington.

    Hillary shows she is pro-equality and pro-respect.

    “Male homosexual desire” is a term you made up. You clown.

  • GC1985

    Go ahead and support that corrupt, ranting little queen who can’t even put together a sentence. I just can’t quite grasp how stupid some people can be. Are you really this brain dead in person?

    Trump is a criminal and the massive fraud investigation into Trump University is just one aspect of his criminal activity. What about the favor he got from Chris Christie regarding back taxes? Turns out Chris Christie may have received gifts for that, just like Pam Bondi.

    What about the fact that he used charity money to pay legal bills? This is a FEDERAL CRIME. He needs to be indicted on multiple charges. This has substance unlike the nonsense people say about Hillary (she didn’t commit any wrongdoing and the 40 million dollars spent on investigating her has turned up ZILCH).

    Go ahead and vote for the man that has engaged in financial fraud, racketeering, bribery, and illegal use of charity funding.

    This is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. If I did it, I would be sitting in FEDERAL PRISON.

    Some people often say “Jail Hillary”… why? I think we need to “JAIL TRUMP!”. The only house that man belongs is a penitentiary. Time to hold him accountable.

  • PJBFan

    Most people would expect me to be a Trump voter. I am a staunchly conservative Republican, but I am a one issue voter. My one issue is NOT destroying the world. So, sorry, but this conservative Republican is voting for Hillary, because Corrupt Donald is far more dangerous than Hillary.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    The gig is up. Thedieiscast. Thecastisdead. The carnival is over. Salvage what you can of the your name and go golfing. Our nation’s reputation may take a while to repair, a vow of silence. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, quietly. Lose the Hotel. The lease is too high and nobody will want to stay there. Simplify life. Your dream is over. Go off, now. put-put. Dropped a birdy on the ninth, oh, well…enjoy your game.

  • David

    Not only is Trump scary but some of the reasons these guys give for voting for Trump are just as scary.

  • David

    @Mo Bro: he’s only going to bring down taxes for the rich

  • Bob LaBlah

    @PJBFan: “So, sorry, but this conservative Republican is voting for Hillary, because Corrupt Donald is far more dangerous than Hillary.”

    This former Reagan Democrat might following your lead and do the same. I honestly don’t want to vote for her but if it looks close I will do it out of civic duty. What I don’t want to see is Mexico and Central America plunged into revolution. I honestly do believe that is what would happen if eleven million people are rounded up and sent back to countries that they left because of no opportunity of jobs and lack of education. This should have never been allowed to happen (Trump) but it has happened.

    Ultra neocon Charles Krauthammer more or less wrote Trumps obituary in his Friday op-ed piece in the Washington Post.

  • jckfmsincty

    Well, there are stupid gay people in the world.

  • Louis

    Sighs the conspiracy theories are tiring the macho histrionics and insensitivity are tiring im so over all this bs.

    Hilary did not commit any CRIMES even the FBI has confirmed this considering that email thing wasnt ILLEGAL it wasnt a CRIME otherwise they would have charged her with a crime and prosecuted her .

    The Benghazi thing is also tiring people even LGBT people act like she set all of it up and it was a conspiracy and that she didnt care etc…..

    Boring boring boring ridiculous inane attempts to try to paint Trump someone who actually IS anti gay and moronic as a saint who has never done any wrong himself.

    Speaking of the ridiculous Hilary doesnt support us etc….

    First of all yes Hilary didnt support us YEARS AGO thats the point YEARS AGO some people actually evolve intellectually and unlike Trump SHE DID and genuinely supports us.

    Then theres the malarkey of Hilary donating to countries that execute us well first of all SHES not the one whos donated to these countries those are the people responsible for her donations thats not on HER thats on THEM for being irresponsible and not doing their research in that regard so stop blaming HER.

    Hilary has shown empathy compassion and sincerity for our community and called out so many of these acts of degradation and discrimination against our community yet shes still the bad guy.

    Yet the man who has spewed sexism, misogyny, xenophobia, and has made it abundantly clear if he wins he will make our lives a living hell regarding our rights and liberties as Americans as well as dignity as Americans is considered the GOOD GUY.

    Im also tired and sick to death of seeing insensitive classless tactless people even within this community using the word PC to mock and offend others thinking that makes them look like the enlightened and intelligent ones the hell it does.

    People in this country have used the concept of being PC IE actual decent empathetic compassionate tolerant human beings to excuse the usages of the N WORD for blacks and the F word for us LGBT Americans.

    These are the same people who think referring to transgenders as mentally ill or the T word is the correct way to treat them instead of treating them with equal respect and dignity.

    Some people need to get over their egos already clearly.

    Im atheist gay and ill be damned id ever vote for the likes of Trump or Mike Pence.

    Another thing CONVENIENTLY (INTENTIONALLY) being ignored about the possibility of Trump being president the fact that a man who singlehandedly created a RELIGIOUS FREEDOM law in Indiana that now plenty of homophobes have used as EXCUSES to discriminate against us would be OUR VICE PRESIDENT .

    This would be a travesty to this nation to have either of these two highly uneducated unsympathetic insensitive and prejudiced men leading our nation much less representing ALL AMERICANS.

    They sure as hell do not represent me nor what I stand for or in this case stand proudly AGAINST.

    As far as any LGBT american actively voting for Trump/Spence go ahead and sleep with the actual enemy dont say we didnt tell you so though when you wind up waking up with fleas.

    The only thing voting for them does is shoot our community and what its supposed to actually represent right in the foot.

  • Tobi

    @GC1985: Your incoherent rants make Brian’s nonsense look almost plausible.
    Please do us all a favour, and up your meds.

  • Stilinski26

    But why is Queerty mocking drag queens?

  • ErikO

    I know gay men who are voting for Trump or leaning more towards voting for him but this is their choice. I personally am voting for Jill Stein as are most people I’m friends with.

    @Louis: Hillary did not “evolve” she can claim she’s for LGBT rights and same sex marriage all she wants but in reality she’s not and will say or do anything for a vote. She did break the law with classified information and the server. ANYONE else would have wound up in prison faster than you can bend over for a hung top.

  • o.codone

    @David: you little scared little pussy. oh, you’re scared. how about hiding under your bed. OMG what an idiot. “I’m scared”. STFU. I’m certainly voting for Donald Trump. Twice. The voter ID laws (lack thereof) will let me do this, so I’m going ahead with it. Thanks to the dems for making voter ID laws a thing of the past. You have hurt your own party with your irrational bullsh*t. As for Giancarlo GC85 or whatever, you really have TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS. And, nobody reads any of the sh*it you rant about. You’re an angry, old (and fat) girl from Colombia, recently returned from a brief deportation at taxpayer expense and you’ve managed to sneak back in to America. But, I’m turning you in to the authorities again so pack your bags, psycho. MOST OF THE GAYS I KNOW ARE VOTING FOR TRUMP because of the Muslim issue and the fact that HIllary is importing the people who will show up at our gay pride celebrations and take a sh*it on them, just like happens in London every year. When the troublemakers come to Pride, I will remind every one who voted for Hillary that you have done this to our community. You have approved and encouraged muslims to protest our lifestyle, and you have brought them here to do so. nice going linton supporters. bring hate to your own doorstep.

  • ChuckF

    Hillary is not the perfect candidate but Democrats run governments better than Republicans who use government to protect their business interests and raid the Treasury. Support for Trump from gay men shows what a good salesman Trump is and how easily fooled they are.
    The facts are there: Trump does not have the decency and compassion needed to run the greatest country in the world.

  • GC1985

    @Tobi: I posted facts corroborated by sources and links. You have a problem with that? At least I am not the one who wants to eliminate age of consent laws.

    @o.codone: I am a US citizen. And you are not allowed to vote (because you were most likely convicted of a felony).

    Sorry but no. 84% of gays are voting for Hillary according to polling. Not the corrupt lunatic Trump.

    @ErikO: She never broke the law. The previous administrations used private servers much the same way. Colin Powell included. You are being dishonest.

  • GC1985

    @o.codone: No wonder why you want to vote for Trump (again you can’t because of that conviction)… You are as crazy and fanatical as he is.

    I will say it again. Trump has proven he is incapable, incompetent and grossly unfit to be President.

  • GC1985

    @ErikO: Jill Stein broke the law and has an arrest warrant out for her. She has collapsed in the polling. From 4% to 1-2% now lol. Stein won’t matter.

  • GC1985

    Trump is collapsing in state polls. He is now down to the mid 30s in several swing states. Lol!!!!!

  • GC1985

    TRUMP/PENCE 2016. It’s happening, bitches!

  • Gian85

    As this fake has appeared, this will be my new nickname. Rather pathetic.

    I would never post anything favorable Trump. As this fake fraud lacks a job and lives in [email protected], I needed to change it. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Gian85

    84% of LGBT people support Hillary Clinton. Not Trump. And I will leave it at that. Even more than the number that supported Obama over Romney.

  • Gian85

    Latest polls from two swing states…

    Hillary is +7% in Virginia and now +11% in Colorado (49%-38%). The damage is starting to materialize. Colorado isn’t as diverse as other states, so the damage of Trumps meltdown is greater than expected. Ohio and Iowa haven’t seen new polls post debate.

  • little Alex

    @GC1985: You can’t capitalize some random phrase and pretend it makes sense.

    And when is the last time you actually talked with a woman that you have such weird ideas about what women’s reaction to male homosexuality would be? I mean, plenty of women watch gay porn, or even write stories about two dudes f*cking. Look at the audience for Brokeback Mountain or even Queer as Folk, a huge slice of that are women.

    You’re probably just some gay MRA trying to justify your misogynist attitude towards women.

    And people don’t bother asking about Trump’s sexuality is because he kept shoving it in people’s faces. If I have to hear him talk about how much he wants to date his daughter one more time…

  • Gian85

    @little Alex: Cool story. Bro. You just managed to type a whole lot and make very little sense.

    Are you a clone of Brian? Or did get Brian get banned and come back as a new account?

    What misogynist attitude? I am not proTrump. Read my carefully!

  • Gian85

    *Read my posts carefully!

    I am against Trump in every sense. The man is repulsive.

  • Gian85

    @Baba Booey Fafa Fooey: Most polls bounce around a 70-80+% range. And often less than 15% support Trump. Hillary gets as much support from LGBT people, if not more depending on the poll. so no, I am not wrong. Continue being that precious token supporter of Dumpster.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    @Gian85: @Gian85: I don’t know what the Washington Blade is and that poll was taken months ago, Pre-Orlando and Chelsea. Find a current poll from a legitimate source.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    @Gian85: And, I don’t support Trump. I am not voting for any person this election. And, please omit the attacks or I won’t continue this conversation with you.

  • Gian85

    Back tracking. Cool story.

    I did post a legitimate poll. And pre-Orlando? Open your eyes. LGBT opinion didn’t swing towards Trumps favor even after Orlando.

    And Hillary is viewed more favorably on handling terrorism than Trump now (in geberal.).

  • Gian85

    @Baba Booey Fafa Fooey: Obama received 76% of the LGBT vote. Hillary will likely receive the same if not more.

    Get a grip. Please. Your one poll doesn’t prove anything.

  • Gian85

    Hilarious how you conclude that Orlando shifted something. Even Romney did better than Trump. Yeah. I am done discussing this with you. Read your own sources next time! That poll says nothing about Orlando. And Trumps insulting reaction to Orlando cemented the LGBT community even more against him.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    Take care.

  • Gian85

    It’s all about Trump, folks! People are tired of the same old politician BS and see HELLary C*NTon for the lying, manipulating, pandering, r a c i s t, self-hating misogynist she’s always been. She doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Gian85

    @Baba Booey Fafa Fooey: You don’t I don’t waste time on current and legit sources! I just babble on to make it seem like I know more than I actually do. You should know this by now. Orlando doesn’t mean anything.

  • Gian85

    @Louis: How long did it take you to type up that defense for the warmongering liar. Do you work for the FBI by any chance?

  • Gian85

    Hillary will beat Trump easily.

    Now fake who posted the three posts above. I ask you to leave me alone. And I will ask nicely. It is confusing to others on the blog. They allowed people to set nicknames which allows for some to use exact copies of the names of others.

    At any rate, I ask kindly for you to stop.

    Orlando means a lot, but the poll doesn’t show any shift as compared to what Obama got in 2012.

  • Tobi

    @Gian85: OK, that’s now five or six accounts you’re using here at Queerty just to talk to yourself. You do exactly the same across many other websites. You really do need professional help.

  • Gian85

    The posts from 3:11, 3:13 and 3:16 are not by me. It appears WordPress should update their software to prevent people from using the names of others.

    BTW, I have used dozens of sources under this article. All corroborated and legitimate. Try again!

  • Gian85

    @Tobi: no. That isn’t my account. And no I don’t do that anywhere. Quit your lying.

    Ugh whatever.

  • Gian85.

    @Gian85: This is my account. Ignore the troll. I use two accounts to talk to myself.

  • Gian85

    @Gian85.: <<<<< Fake pedophile. Notice the period after his name. Consider driving of a cliff, fake.

    Anyways. This is boring. I'm off.

  • Tobi

    @Gian85.: “Anyways. This is boring. I’m off.” I trust for good this time.

  • Gian85

    @Tobi: Sure. This site sucks. Enjoy your 13 year old “boyfriend”.

  • RayM

    LOL! It took less than a week for @GC1985: @Gian85: to go completely fuckin’ Giancrazy. This is fantastic. Hurry up and have another embarrassingly pathetic meltdown…

  • Gian85

    Na. I will just quietly leave. I just don’t care for frauds and right wing neonazis.

  • dwes09

    @Dave084: “I naively thought that gay people were too smart to drink Trump’s kool-aid.”

    Unfortunately, we have the same proportion of bright and dull folks as the rest of the population. What is heartening though is that gay and lesbian support for Trump is less than it has been for the last few Republican candidates, as well as lower than it has been for republicans in the mid-term elections. Surveys show L&G support for Trump at around 18-20%, it has been as high as 26% for republican candidates in the past.

  • dwes09

    @Chris: “Chris
    “I would think these are jokes except that I’ve seen some Trump bumper stickers while visiting some leather and country western bars in the gayborhood. Gads!”

    Surveys show 18-20% of gay and lesbian folks plan to vote for Trump. This may seem like a lot, but it is less than the number that has supported past republican candidates both for president and down ticket. That gives one hope about the future of humanity.

  • o.codone

    Giancarlo has now officially taken over Queerty AGAIN. Several fake names. Multiple posts, sometimes as many as half of all posts on a single thread are his. Something is seriously wrong here. It’s frightening. What will Qty editors do? He’s ruining the site.

  • BigWill

    Just a reminder that we have 33 days to save the Affordable Care Act and marriage equality and public accommodation rights and women’s reproduction rights and affirmative action and the right for trans folk to serve in our military and any form of voting rights and the right to practice the religion we choose without being barred from the country, and any protections from Wall Street/big banks and the chance to live in a country that doesn’t torture, and the knowledge that our leader won’t nuke a country because someone called him a name on Twitter.

  • Tobi

    @o.codone: Miss Carini is Queerty’s pet monkey, good for a laugh until it shits everywhere.

  • mikejohn726

    America will be in chaos is Trump is elected! Forget your civil rights and equality, we’ll be going back 50 years socially and economically. He’s a joke!

  • little Alex

    @Gian85: I was replying to Brian and the system spouted the wrong name. I didn’t realize until it was posted. Unfortunately, there is no edit function.

  • scotshot


    You support Trump. That’s the best reason for anyone to vote for Secretary Clinton.

  • scotshot

    @Brian: Do you read anything besides Grindr?

    Trump is on record supporting many anti gay organizations and homophobes against human rights. RFRA and FADA first up, more to follow.

  • batesnight

    More people are voting for Trump than those who hate him with such venom would like to believe. Every other gay I’ve communicated with is voting for Trump. Those that hate Trump will be in for a very rude awakening once this is all over. It may take them a few months to recover.

  • MediaGuy

    @BigWill: LOL. Save the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare. The program is sh*it, no, it’s TOTAL SH*IT. I’m sure you don’t have it if you love it. Even the idiot HRC doesn’t support it. Or, maybe you don’t know that HRC wants it repealed. And why would you support what you call “women’s reproductive rights”? There is no “right” to kill a child in the womb. Or, have you become so mentally ill that now you’re going to tell me, with your perversion of language, that it’s not a child. Yes, it’s human and yes, it’s alive. No, you cannot hurt it or kill it. Sick people, seriously.

  • bradleyjohn_wats

    I vote with my BRAIN not my gay. Too bad most homos think with their dicks. Too damn STUPID to see the truth. TRUMP won because we MADE IT HAPPEN. Gay, straight, black, white, male and female. WE MADE IT HAPPEN. Tough SHIT that YOU LOST.

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