Guys Just Can’t Stop Getting Naked On Grand Valley State U’s Wrecking Ball

wrecking-ball-parodyOh Miley, what have you wrought?  Brilliance, that’s what.

Fox 17 News in Michigan is reporting that Grand Valley State University’s pendulum statue is being removed for “safety reasons.” One of those being that people just can’t stop getting naked on it to recreate Miley Cyrus’s now iconic (yeah, we said it) video for “Wrecking Ball.”  Seriously — they can’t stop.

GVSU head of facilities Tim Thimmesch describes “The Pendulum” as a 42-inch steel ball with a spike and a 40- to 50-foot steel cable. Even though The Pendulum is a star with its own Twitter page, it sounds a bit risky to be riding nude if you ask us.

The Gaily Grind has some pics and, yes, video of some of the hotter male specimens that couldn’t resist taking SVSU’s wrecking ball for a ride. There’s the guy who decided to go the full monty and even created a video homage to La Cyrus (below). There is also this guy, who took a more demure approach to sitting his balls on the ball, opting to go for a delightful white tank top and short-shorts combo.

Even though GVSU decided to remove the pendulum, the students aren’t taking things lying down. On Tuesday night they held a protest and candlelight vigil in support of bringing it back, and have even started a #reinstalltheball campaign to help bring attention the the plight of drunk nude college guys who now have nowhere to pay homage to the former Disney tween sensation turned twerk powerhouse.

We say bring back the pendulum, bring back the nakedness, and bring us more Youtube clips, pronto!