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Guys list the gayest Christmas gifts they’ve ever given or received

Santa’s got some fabulous gifts in his bag! In various threads around Reddit — like this one and this one — guys have been revealing the gayest Christmas gifts they’ve ever given or gotten. The highlights below include NSFW rubber duckies, sexy Xmas ornaments, Divine memorabilia, and multiple sex toys.

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“One time my now-ex-boyfriend’s ex got us gifts for some reason. He gave me a pair of tiny (squirrel size, there was a squirrel on the package) white briefs. The gayest gift I’ve given is one of those Borat bikinis, and the guy wore it, and we died of laughter.”

“I bought myself a dildo, but I’m obviously not going to tell my family about this, hahaha. Sometimes you have to treat yourself, right?”

“Husband is going to get this for Xmas.” [Check out his Pink Flamingos Divine figurine below.]

“Not overly gay, this, but I once received from my boyfriend, for our first Christmas together (along with a couple other things), a ’Duck with a Dick.’Yes, it’s exactly as you’d imagine.”

“Rainbow stuff and jockstraps given and received are probably the most gay gifts between my boyfriend and me.”

“Seasons of Desperate Housewives. The funny [thing] is that now, years and years later, I kind of miss them.”

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“For me, it’s definitely these ‘Christmas ornaments’ Amazon keeps recommending to me, despite never having bought anything like this before.” [See the “sexy fairy” ornament below.]

“Got a bunch of glitter pens from my big brother for a Christmas present shortly after me coming out.”

“A really nice dildo from my fraternity brothers at the Christmas party! It was always nice to rub in that I got more tail than they did.”

And finally, one Redditor shared this post — apparently, there’s nothing gayer than Kingdom Hearts!