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Guys name the male body parts they find least appealing

Closeup of feet

For some gays, every inch of a guy’s body is attractive. “I’ll get turned on by any part of him,” one Reddit user observed in a recent r/askgaybros thread.

But for others, specific body parts are better left clothed, as Redditors revealed on that same thread. You see, the discussion started when one person asked for nominations for the “least unappealing men’s body part.” (That user meant least appealing, FYI. “Forgive my English,” he wrote, after commenters pointed out his typo.)

There were some outliers—some of the more off-the-wall responses included “nostrils,” “veins,” and “inside of the mouth.” As you’ll see below, though, six body parts got multiple nominations. (Fair warning: One of the body parts is a certain NSFW orifice.)


“I know a lot of guys love feet, but there’s just nothing attractive about them to me.”

“I love socked feet, but the minute they are sock-less, I’m going to ignore you below the calves.”

“I hate it, even seeing my own. I prefer to keep socks on all the time and would prefer my partner to keep them on, too.”

“I have never once seen a foot and thought, ‘Damn, that’s a hot foot.’”

“I will say not all feet are created equally, and some men even have kind of aesthetically pleasing feet, but even then, I don’t want them all up in my face.”

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“I don’t see anything particularly attractive about backs, whether they are muscular or not.”

“I have seen some nasty backs, including my own.”


“Ugly nails. A lot of guys have ugly, unkempt nails.”

“This. I’ve seen this a lot. Like, men with long nails. Not, like, nice, long, manicured nails. No. Like, long nails that are not manicured, unkept, nasty, dirty nails. It’s not good.”

“Came here to say nails! Fingernails and toenails.”


“Most unappealing is the hole.”

“Agreed. I would be happy never seeing another [butthole] for the rest of my life.”

“I guess hole, because the number of weird, up-close hole pics that guys take/send/post is super strange to me.”

“Asses are so ugly.”

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“The elbow or kneecap maybe? I don’t see much appeal in those, lol.”


“Being overly muscular.”


“Least appealing for me would be a highly defined six-pack.”