You can dance

This guy’s ponytail-twirling dance routine deserves your undivided attention

Are you all ready for this? It’s okay if you aren’t quite ready for this.

In fact, you may never be fully ready to take in Slavko Kalezic’s ponytail-flipping performance, as seen so very recently on The X Factor UK.

That’s okay, too — for it’s through stretching our boundaries, subjecting ourselves to phenomena wildly outside of our comfort zones, that we grow, evolve, transform.

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So ask yourself: Do you want to live the rest of your life only half-awake; half a person?

Or do you want to pull yourself up by the bootstraps, shake yourself off, and watch this video of a guy swinging his ponytail around and around as though he’s the only thing keeping our planet from swinging off its axis?

You know what to do, young grasshopper.