True confessions

Guys reveal the craziest things they’ve done to stay in the closet

A new Reddit thread asks users: What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve done to conceal that you are gay? And the responses vary from funny to sad to downright ridiculous.

“Married a woman,” one person writes.

“Same,” someone else replies, “but now I have two kids who I would never give up for anything… so, I’m conflicted. My ex has an awesome boyfriend (so do I), and we all get along together. It’s worked out great, but I wouldn’t recommend it.”

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“I would erase the gay porn search history and then leave some fake traces of straight porn search result on the family computer,” another person says.

Turns out, he’s not the only person who tried that. Another guys writes, “I ‘accidentally’ left straight porn on my computer in full view and then left to the bathroom.”

“Agreed to purchase a female prostitute,” someone else confesses. “I’m doubly ashamed of that one.”

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One guy writes, “Openly ridiculing others for being gay in high school.”

To which, someone else replies, “I did just the same a year or two ago. I guess I knew deep down even then, and thought the best way to fit in would be to share other people’s hate. … I regret what I did every day.”

“I used to rip on kids that were fans of WWE because ‘it was very homo erotic,'” another guy says, “but lord knows thats the only reason I watched any sports. Basically, I projected a lot.”

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done to stay in the closet? Share in the comments below…