Come again?

Guys reveal the most ridiculous questions they’ve gotten about being gay

Straights say the darnedest things. In a recent Reddit thread, gays revealed the bizarre depths of hetero curiosity after one user asked, “What’s the most ridiculous thing someone’s ever asked you about the topic of being gay?”

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Here are some choice questions, edited for clarity:

“How can you not like tits?! [Gets phone out, has multiple tabs of boob porn already open in browser.] You must get hard over these tits. You must. You MUST.”

“What about that girl you used to date in high school?”

“Anal sex… that’s just a saying, isn’t it? You don’t actually go up the bum. It’s physically impossible.”

“Are gays allowed to vote?”

“Do you think it’d be better if all gay people lived together on an island? Or in one specific town? Then you wouldn’t upset any of the normal people. And you could all just f*ck each other.”

“You guys seem such fun. How do I become gay?“

“Is it true that the longer you’re gay, the smaller your balls get?“

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“Is it true that gay guys have secret signals?“

“Do you check on every guy’s butt and crotch?”

“Do you know [random gay person]?”

“What does d*ck taste like?“

“It wouldn’t be gay if you sucked me off, would it?”

“I’ve been asked if there are gay snails. (No, I am not kidding, and it was a serious question.)”