Guys Reveal The Highs And (Mostly) Lows Of Online Dating

Gay dating websites can be an awesome way to connect but can also be a real drag. Messages go unanswered, hours seem wasted scrolling through endless profiles and something that’s supposed to hook you up leaves you feeling as isolated as ever.

We’ve reviewed the apps and websites, offered tips on creating your best profile and given you the stats, but we wanted to hear what people were saying about the experience. Is is more soul mate or soul crushing?

Here’s what Whisper was able to round up:

So I had to accept the  fact that the only way of meeting other gay guys is to go online. I hate online dating. It seems so desperate, but not a lot  of gay guys in my town.

I'm going to give up my grindr profile. Anonymous sex makes me feel empty.  I need a real relationship.

I hate gay dating apps like Scruff and Grindr. No clue why I went back. So many duds who can't converse.

Dating in the gay community is hard. Even with all the online dating sites, I mainly find jerks or creepers.

I can't do online dating anymore. It's hard to meet a nice guy then get ignored the next day. I'm having limited faith that I have a place in the gay community.

I had a random one night stand with some guy off grindr. I found it really difficult to he could've been a serial  killer for all I knew...

I deleted grindr and other gay dating apps over a  year ago because I want  to meet a guy in real life. It's embarrassing to say "oh we met online" ????

The world of dating is really tough for a gay guy, even online. There's so  few gays and even fewer will be interested.

I want to have a genuine relationship, but the online dating sites for gay guys are all guys wanting sex...

My grindr reality: all the guys I message aren't interested in me, and all the guys that message me... don't interest me.

As a gay guy that doesn't "go out" it's hard to find someone. Friends are telling me to  do online dating but it scares me

I'm starting to realize  that online dating isn't really a thing for gay men unless you are freakishly hot....

I want to try online dating but I'm afraid someone  I know will find out that  I'm gay. I really don't want to deal with all that  drama, but I really don't want to be alone. What  do I do?

Dating in the gay world is like finding a job You have to either do it online or get referred

I gave up grindr because I still fantasize about meeting my soulmate in a place like this. I'm more than just my sexuality.

I hate when people shun online dating, I met my boyfriend on Facebook and I couldn't be happier... It's difficult for gays, either online or gay bars, and I don't drink :/

I haven't answered a  grindr question in months, but I still log on because I like the attention.